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  Volsci   - a tribe in southern Latium, Italy
Wikipedia entry
  + Volscian , Volscians
Cic:Brut_41   dangerous war with the Volsci, who were headed by Coriol
Cic:Rep_3.7   of Italy;the Latins, Sabines, Volscians, Samnites, or Etruscans, if
CIL_6.1308   ium and subduing the Aequi and Volsci. He celebrated a
Ennius:Ann_165   racina, belonging to the Volscian tribe, used to be called
FastTr__P   abitants of Privernum, a Volscian town in Latium Regini
FastTr__S   Inhabitants of Sora, a Volscian town in Latium Styni A
FastTr__V   habitants of Velitrae, a Volscian town in Latium Vocontii
FastTr_p91   Damaratus, [king, & over the Volsci ...] [ ... ] & & L.
FastTr_p92   (II), consul (III), over the Volsci, Hernici, ...] k.Jun
FastTr_p95   consul (II), & over the Volsci of Antium and the Satrican
Hieron:Chron_1912   escended from the kings of the Volsci. [not in Ar.] Cn.Pom
Obseq_51   sacrifice, because among the Volscian tribe it had rained
Oros_2.12   army. The Aequi and the Volsci had met and overcome the
Oros_3.3   by the city of the Volsci and by the cities of
Plin:HN_3.38   come the coast of the Volsci and of Campania, then of
Plin:HN_3.56   Rutuli, and beyond Cerceii the Volsci, Osci and Ausones, owing to
Plin:HN_3.59   in the dialect of the Volsci, and the site of Amyclae,
ValMax_3.2.8   battle of Verrugo against the Volsci, lest our army, just upon
ValMax_4.3.4   from Corioli, a town of the Volsci which had been captured.
ValMax_5.2.1   very great army of the Volsci to the very gates of
ValMax_5.4.1   condemnation, and fled to the Volsci, who were enemies of the
ValMax_6.5.2   renewed the battle against the Volsci at Verrugo ) to appear
ValMax_7.3e.10   of Tullus, general of the Volsci, was wicked. He was eager

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