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  Zephyr   - the Greek god of the west wind
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  + Zephyrs
AnthPal_10.5 houses, already on the waves Zephyr is bosomed in the
AnthPal_10.6 eady the moist breath of Zephyr, who giveth birth to the
AnthPal_10.13 luxuriant, traversed by Zephyrs, a protection to wayfarer
AnthPal_10.102 tempests ; there are gentle Zephyrs in life too. [103]
AnthPal_11.9 out of season useful, nor the Zephyr to mariners in port.
AnthPal_6.53 temple in his field to Zephyr the richest of all winds
AnthPal_7.668 me, and gently rippling Zephyr were to blow, shall you
Apollonid_9.791 ing gently under the breeze of Zephyr. Because of this act
Archias_10.7 bringing from astern the sweet Zephyr. Therefore, as is
Asclepiad_5.169 winter's storms to feel the Zephyr of the spring. But
DioscEpigr_12.171 & { G-P 11 } & Zephyr, gentlest of the winds, bring
LeonTar_10.1 come, and the pleasant Zephyr, and the meadows bloom,
MArgent_10.4 and tenderly laughing Zephyr now makes the blue wave
Meleager_9.363 sails bellied by the kindly Zephyr. Already, crowning
Phld:Epigr_6.349 Poseidon, and Thracian Zephyr, gentlest of winds, be gra

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