OGIS: 155


Greek text:   SEG_13.589
Date:   142-131 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

This statue of Theodoros was set up while his father Seleukos was still governor of Cyprus.   Arsinoē was the Hellenistic city that replaced Marion.

The city of Arsinoē honours [Theodor]os, one of the first friends, in command of Salamis and secretary of the infantry and cavalry forces on the island, the son of Seleukos the kinsman of the king, the general and admiral and chief priest of the men on the island, on account of [his virtue] and the goodwill that he continually has towards king Ptolemaios [and queen Kleopatra the sister] and queen Kleopatra [the wife, the gods Euergetai, and] their children, and his kindness towards the city.

inscription 156

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