OGIS: 241


Greek text:   SGDI_2.2677
Date:   168/7 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

Dikaiarchos of Laodikeia had a brother, called Philonides like his father, who was an Epicurean philosopher and a friend of king Demetrios I of Syria. A biography of Philonides the Epicurean has been found on one of the Herculaneum papyrus rolls. Their family had considerable influence abroad; in about 180 B.C. they were given the unusual honour of Athenian citizenship ( IG_2².1236 ). The name of the archon of Delphi in this decree is garbled. Dittenberger restored the name as Xenon (189/8 B.C.) but it now thought more likely to be Kleon (168/7 B.C.); see D.Gera, "Philonides the Epicurean at Court: Early Connections" ( PDF ).

Good fortune. In the year when (?) Kleon was archon: since Damokrates, (?) Timasion and Athambos the priest, who were sent as theoroi to king Antiochos, have reported to the assembly concerning Dikaiarchos of Laodikeia, the son of Philonidas, saying that he has continually acted well towards the temple and the city of Delphi, and considering piety to the gods to be of the greatest importance, he provides assistance at every opportunity both publicly to the city and privately to those he meets, whenever anyone asks him, and he very eagerly co-operates with the citizens of Delphi who arrive to meet king Antiochos, helping them achieve whatever they happen to need, and on all occasions he says and does in the presence of king Antiochos [what is advantageous] to the temple and the city of Delphi; therefore with good fortune it is resolved by the city of Delphi in [full] assembly, with the votes as prescribed by law, to praise Dikaiarchos of Laodikeia-by-the-sea, the son of Philonidas, on account of his piety and the good attitude which he has in other respects towards the temple and the city of [Delphi; and that the city shall grant] him, for both himself [and his descendants], the status of theorodokos for the Pythian and Soteria games. He shall be recognised as a proxenos and benefactor of the temple and the city of Delphi, and he shall be granted priority in access to the oracle, priority in receiving justice, inviolability, freedom from all taxes, privileged seating at all the games that the city [holds], and the other privileges that are granted by the city to other proxenoi and benefactors.

inscription 245

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