OGIS: 81


Greek text:   EpOropou_175
Date:   221-205 B.C.
Tags:     friends_of_kings ,   leagues
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Although his predecessors had not shown much interest in the region, Ptolemy IV was able to establish friendly relationships with several cities in Boeotia; see P.Paschidis, "Between City and King", pp.308-310 ( PDF ).

When Dionysios was archon of the Boeotian league, and Nikokles was archon in the city, and Demokrates was priest of Amphiaraos for the second time, as proposed by Neandros son of Neandrides, who had already made a preliminary proposal to the people: since Phormion of Byzantion, who is a friend of king Ptolemaios, had continually both said and done what is beneficial to the people; and privately he makes every effort on behalf of any of the citizens who ever has need of his assistance; and he has not only shown his goodwill towards the [people] in private matters, but also now is having many beneficial conversations with the king on behalf of the city; therefore, [so that] the city may be seen to take every care of its benefactors, it is resolved by the council and the people to grant to Phormion of Byzantion, the son of Nymphaios, the status of proxenos and benefactor of the city of Oropos, both [for himself] and for his descendants; he shall have taxation equal to the citizens, security, inviolability both in war and in peacetime by [land] and by sea, and the right to own land and buildings, and privileged seating at all the games that the city holds, and access to the council and the people second only after sacred matters, and all the other privileges that are granted to other proxenoi and benefactors of the city. The polemarchs for the year when Demokrates is priest for the second time shall inscribe this decree in [the temple] of Amphiaraos, on the base of the statues of king Ptolemaios and queen [Arsinoē].

inscription 82

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