Translations of Hellenistic Inscriptions: 150


Greek text:   IG_4.1.76 , IG_4.1.77
Provenance:     Asklepieion , Epidauros
Date:   c. 163-146 B.C.
Tags:     arbitration
Format:   see key to translations

During the Hellenistic period, the city of Methana became an important Ptolemaic base, and its name was changed to Arsinoē; see D.Gill, "Arsinoe in the Peloponnese: the Ptolemaic base on the Methana peninsula", especially page 70 ( ).   For a discussion of the arbitration, see S.L.Ager, "Interstate Arbitrations in the Greek World, 337-90 B.C.", no. 138 ( Google Books ).

This inscription was found at Epidauros in two parts, which have been joined together by modern editors to make an almost complete text of the agreement. Some missing words at the end of the text have been restored from another copy of the agreement, which was found at Troizen.   There is a recent edition of the Greek text, with Italian translation and commentary, by C.Carusi, "Nuova edizione della homologia fra Trezene e Arsinoe" ( ).

When Nikon [was . . . in Troizen] for the third time and Pheidostratos was [priest of] Athena in Arsinoē, the Troizenians [and Arsinoeis made] an agreement for all time [on these terms, when] envoys [and arbitrators came from king] Ptolemaios.

So that this agreement [may be fully effective, each of the peoples shall send an embassy to Athens and] they shall ask the Athenians [to appoint for them three men, who on coming here shall confirm] the terms of the agreement [between the cities and display them in three steles, in the temple of Poseidon in Kalaureia and the temple of Asklepios at Epidauros and the temple of Athena on the acropolis at Athens; so that] . . .

inscription 151

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