Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum: 48.1037


Greek text:   (A) IG_11.4.1030 
Provenance:   Delos
Date:   c. 180-166 B.C. 
Tags:     sacred_laws
Format:   see key to translations

In this decree, the abduction of slaves appears as one of several offences against the god which are subject to a solemn curse and - if the offender is found - a large fine.   The translation is adapted from E.Lupu, NGSL (2009), pp.22-24.

[A]   It was resolved by the council and the people, as proposed by Charmides son of Theoprōtos:   in order that no one may [? behave] in a disorderly fashion in the [? sacred buildings] of Apollo nor carry into the banquet halls nor [? into the shrines] . . . those intending to spend the night in the sanctuary . . ., and no servants, neither in the buildings nor in [an] open [place] . . . 

[B]    . . . [Whoever] leads . . . or pigs or cattle within the lustral basins not for the purpose of sacrifice, they shall be liable to imprecations and shall be fined by the hieropoioi, the council, or the rest of the magistrates whatever fine each office is authorised to impose, and the magistrates shall not be liable for their actions in exacting it. Whoever wishes shall be able to report them to the authorities 10 and collect half of the fine. The hieropoioi shall inscribe on the steles the following imprecation in order that the disposition of the Delians toward the gods may always be [pious] and especially most just. 

Okyneides son of Anaxandros brought to vote: The priests and the priestesses imprecate as follows according to the ancestral customs: Whoever leads out from Delos a slave, whether [unwillingly] or willingly, from the [sacred] precincts [of the god], 20 to the detriment of the master, [shall suffer utter destruction], he, and his descendants, and [his house]. Anyone who knows [and does not report] this to the astynomoi, [shall be liable] to the same punishment, [and if anyone] commits [any other violation against the ancestral customs of the Delians, he shall suffer utter destruction, together with his descendants [and his house] . . .

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