Select Papyri, 1.131


Greek text:   POxy 114
Date:   2nd or 3rd cent. A.D.

Now make it your business to redeem my property from Sarapion. It is held in pawn for 2 minas, and I have paid the interest up to Epeiph at the rate of a stater the mina. It comprises a Dalmatian shawl of the colour of frankincense, a Dalmatian shawl of the colour of onyx, a tunic and a white shawl with a real purple border, a handkerchief with a Laconian stripe, a garment of purple linen, 2 armlets, a necklace, a coverlet, an Aphrodite, a cup, a large tin flask and a wine-jar. From Onetor recover the 2 bracelets. They have been in pawn since Tubi of last year for eight "hands" at the interest of a stater the mina. If our money is insufficient owing to the carelessness of our lady Theagenis, if, I say, it is insufficient, sell the armlets to make up the money. Many salutations to Aia and Eutychia and Alexandra. Xanthilla salutes Aia and all her people. I pray for your health.

{Addressed}   from Eunoia.

papyrus 132

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