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  Aphrodite   - the Greek goddess of love and beuaty
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  + Cypris , Cythereia , Hetaera , Urania
320/38 Apelles' painting of "Aphrodite Anadyomene" is allegedly a portrait
282/27a IG_375, an Athenian decree concerning the rites of Aphrodite Pandemos.
257/2 PSI_328, a letter from the priests of Aphrodite to Apollonius.
243/12 rthaginians to the Romans, and then plunder the temple of Aphrodite.
228/7 Lake Colo'e in Lydia and near the temple of Aphrodite at Pergamon.
196/14c THI_156, regulations for the cult of Aphrodite on Cos.
127/4 Nicomedes offers to buy the famous statue of Aphrodite at Cnidus.
    Within translations:
Aelian:NA_4.2 of pigeons as ' pets of Aphrodite,' and so everybody beli
Aelian:NA_10.1 ghter of Zeus and Dione {Aphrodite} snatched him away afte
Aelian:NA_10.27 and there they worship Aphrodite under the title of Uran
Aelian:NA_10.33 they say, are sacred to Aphrodite and Demeter, while the
Aelian:NA_10.34 Gods of the Household and to Aphrodite, for she also is
Aelian:NA_10.50 rse the famous temple of Aphrodite is (the pigeons there
Aelian:NA_14.28 men and gods; also that Aphrodite delighted to be with
Aelian:NA_15.29 ra, Athena, Artemis, and Aphrodite that, she said, came
Alcaeus_12.64 Peithenor, the second son of Cypris. And, Lord, I pray
AnthPal_11.414 xing Bacchus and limb-relaxing Aphrodite is limb-relaxing
AnthPal_12.89 ymous & { H 2 } & Cypris, why at one target have you shot
AnthPal_12.91 apling of violet-crowned Aphrodite ? Take fire, consume,
AnthPal_12.100 ire have you brought me, Cypris, and pity me not, although
AnthPal_12.104 if it visits others, I hate, Cypris, a love that is shar
AnthPal_12.112 him with the purple cord of Cypris. [113] Meleager &rar
AnthPal_16.160 23 } & On the Cnidian Aphrodite of Praxiteles Paphian
AnthPal_16.162 F 82 } & On the Same Cypris, seeing Cypris in Cnidus,
AnthPal_16.165 10 } & On the Cnidian Aphrodite Pallas and the consort
AnthPal_16.170 stranger, the Cnidian Cythereia, you would say this,
AnthPal_16.172 2 } & On a Statue of Aphrodite Pallas herself, I think
AnthPal_16.180 ITUS & { F 1 } & On the Aphrodite Anadyomene of Apelles
AnthPal_16.205 ads no longer the son of Cypris, but your offspring, Praxi
AnthPal_16.214 has stormed heaven and Cypris has despoiled the immortal
AnthPal_16.249 self near it and worship Aphrodite ; and praise Glycera,
AnthPal_5.11 Anonymous & { F 7 } & Cypris, if you save those at sea,
AnthPal_5.17 eaten shore, I send you, Cypris, these little cakes and
AnthPal_5.51 who is she, and how it befell, Cypris alone knows. [54]
AnthPal_5.94 Athena's hands, the breasts of Aphrodite, and the feet of
AnthPal_5.133 } & By your majesty, Cythereia, I swore to keep away
AnthPal_5.135 acchus and the Muses and Cythereia, sweetly-laughing treas
AnthPal_5.170 says: but anyone whom Cypris has not kissed is a woman
AnthPal_5.199 ere she has dedicated to Cypris these spoils of her maiden
AnthPal_5.201 here in the shrine of Cypris, the lyre the Muses helped
AnthPal_5.205 tch of Larissa presents to you Cypris, to possess and trea
AnthPal_6.1 dedicate my mirror to Aphrodite, since I wish not to
AnthPal_6.48 ill take to the works of Cypris, voting like Paris against
AnthPal_6.88 MACEDONIA & { Ph 1 } & Cythereia herself loosed from her
AnthPal_6.119 rest under the roof of Aphrodite's golden chamber : no
AnthPal_6.190 00. Take, honoured Cythereia, these poor gifts from poor
AnthPal_6.191 & { F 1 } & Receive, Cypris, these gifts of Leonidas
AnthPal_6.210 hangs in the temple of Cypris her sandals, locks of her
AnthPal_6.254 effeminate old stump of Aphrodite, he dedicated in the
AnthPal_6.260 ork is the gift of Cypris, a gift to envy, with which no
AnthPal_6.275 With joy, it is likely, Aphrodite will receive this offer
AnthPal_6.283 the day hath Athena despoiled Cypris. [284] Anonymous &
AnthPal_6.284 elf the grey robe. Cypris herself was the weaver ; but may
AnthPal_6.299 glass of wine. Let Cypris, my goddess, enjoy them too, and
AnthPal_6.318 sacrificing a calf to Aphrodite, the Nurser of youth,
AnthPal_6.319 the maiden from the hands of Cypris. [320] NICODEMUS OF
AnthPal_7.51 enemy of the secrets of Cypris, but Death and old age,
AnthPal_9.39 MUSICIUS?) & { F 7 } & Cypris to the Muses : "Honour Aph
AnthPal_9.220 ever hide the comradeship of Aphrodite. [221] Marcus_Arg
AnthPal_9.245 rst taste of the yoke of Cypris - a terror common to all
AnthPal_9.260 of years. No, by Cypris ! - and what is Cypris to me now
AnthPal_9.321 MACHUS & { F 1 } & Why, Cypris, have you, to whom the toi
AnthPal_9.325 Love, the servant of diademed Cypris. [326] Leonidas &rar
AnthPal_9.332 ple to see the statue of Aphrodite, how cunningly wrought
AnthPal_9.601 did Aeximenes erect to Aphrodite, the protectress of all
AnthPal_9.602 I who once supplicated Cypris with my maiden hands and,
AnthPal_9.605 in the house of fair-haired Aphrodite. How gentle she
Antiphil_9.415 onsisted of public votaries of Cypris. From those profits
AntipSid_6.206 { G-P 6 } & To Aphrodite the Heavenly we girl companio
AntipSid_6.47 ary take to the works of Cypris ; I see that the wish is
AntipSid_7.14 the mortal Muse; whom Cypris and Eros together reared,
AntipSid_7.218 ore delicate than tender Cypris, Lais the citizen of sea-g
AntipSid_7.30 self the pangs of the fever of Cypris. [7.34] & { G-P 18
AntipSid_9.567 iodemis, the nursling of Aphrodite, who from her babyhood
AntipSid_16.167 44 } & On the Cnidian Aphrodite and on Praxiteles' Stat
AntipSid_16.178 & { G-P 45 } & On the Aphrodite Anadyomene of Apelles
AntipThes_5.30 but this most excellently that Aphrodite is golden. For
AntipThes_5.31 a silver, and a bronze, but Cythereia is now all three.
AntipThes_6.208 let. The temple and statue are Aphrodite's. The offering
AntipThes_6.209 ere dedicated me to you, Cypris, according to her vow, the
AntipThes_9.143 ety. Pay honour to Cypris, and either in your love or on
AntipThes_9.305 a sleep worthy of them whom Aphrodite hates. Tell me,
AntipThes_9.59 her warlike guise, one Aphrodite, one Heracles, and anot
AntipThes_11.327 back, the disgrace of Aphrodite, with less haunches tha
AntipThes_16.175 { - } & On the Armed Aphrodite in Sparta Either the
AntipThes_16.176 G-P 88 } & On the Same Cypris belongs to Sparta too, but
Anyte_9.144 This is the place of Cypris, for it is sweet to her
Apollonid_9.791 25 } & On a Temple of Aphrodite built in the Sea Cyther
Archias_5.98 } & Prepare your bow, Cypris, and find at your leisure
Archias_6.207 offer these rich gifts to you, Aphrodite, who preside over
Archias_16.179 & { G-P 34 } & On the Aphrodite Anadyomene of Apelles
Asclepiad_5.153 indow, was smitten, dear Cypris, by the flame that lighten
Asclepiad_5.161 ners. But fly from Aphrodite's corsairs and their ships
Asclepiad_5.169 loak doth cover two lovers and Cypris is honoured by both.
Asclepiad_5.189 is not love that Cypris smote me with, but a tormenting
Asclepiad_5.194 the golden chamber of Cypris, a holy flower of beauty
Asclepiad_5.202 gun to neigh. Dear Cypris, give her unquestioned glory for
Asclepiad_5.203 sidice dedicated to you, Cypris, her spur, the golden goad
Asclepiad_5.207 not go to the house of Cypris by the road the goddess
Asclepiad_5.209 By thy shore, O Paphian Cythereia, Cleander saw Nico swim
Asclepiad_12.161 boy, the swift dart of Cypris the Popular, flashing desi
Asclepiad_12.162 tiny child, returns to Cypris, holding a golden writing
Asclepiad_12.50 not you alone that cruel Cypris has taken captive ; not
Asclepiad_12.75 uld be described as the son of Cypris. [12.77] & { G-P 38
Asclepiad_12.77 by Hermes I swear it, would Cypris herself know which
Asclepiad_16.68 OSEIDIPPUS This is a statue of Cypris. But come let us see
Athen_1.18 says [ Od_18'192 ] that Aphrodite — & With every beauty
Athen_1.28 es, and garlands here; & Aphrodite loves comfort; where
Athen_2.39 ove; & And oftentimes I sit by Aphrodite. And Alcman says—
Athen_5.205 to it was a temple of Aphrodite, in form like a rotunda
Athen_5.207 was a temple devoted to Aphrodite, containing three couch
Athen_6.232 your false wife; which Aphrodite once did give & A welco
Athen_* 06.253-255 * crated temples to Leaena Aphrodite and Lamia Aphrodite,
Athen_6.270 eous objects, since fair Aphrodite & Is always hostile to
Athen_11.463 the Muses and the bright-faced Aphrodite. And Ion of Chios
Athen_12.554 dedicated a temple to Aphrodite Callipygos ["of the Bea
Athen_13.559 & Behold the temple of Hetaera here; & But there is not
Athen_* 13.564-575 * es},- sure the goddess & Cypris, and tender-eyed Persuasio
Athen_13.579 much annoyed; & For by Aphrodite, it was not you who los
Athen_13.581 fair temple sacred to Aphrodite, & And noticing her for
Athen_13.585 ing to her, "You are the Aphrodite of Praxiteles;" "And
Athen_* 13.588-592 * was also said that the Aphrodite, which is at Corinth,
Athen_13.595 and the altar those of Aphrodite Pythionice; and in so
Athen_* 13.599-605 * ity, and that the golden Aphrodite is so too, I recollect
Athen_13.608 was full many a fruit of Cypris to view, & Dark in the ric
Athen_14.619 in a modest manner to Aphrodite to aid her in becoming
Athen_14.631 ccompaniment to hymns to Aphrodite and Dionysus, and to
Athen_14.633 Can feel the bliss of Aphrodite. & But those whose coa
Athen_14.659 ering in the festival of Aphrodite Pandemos, using the fol
Callim:Epigr_6 edicated to Arsinoē Aphrodite of Zephyrium by Selenae
Callim:Epigr_39 [39] & These gifts to Aphrodite did Simŏn, the lig
CIL_add.7 (early 1st cent.)   x. [The cult of Aphrodite of Eryx in Sicily was bro
DioscEpigr_5.54 taking pleasure in procreative Cypris. & For in the middle
DioscEpigr_5.55 long-distance course of Cypris without bending, & her eye
DioscEpigr_6.290 14 } & With sweetest Urania & did Parmenis leave her
DioscEpigr_7.407 mourning in company with Aphrodite the fair young son of
Julian:Caes_309 and showed all the charms of Aphrodite and the Graces.
Julian:Caes_311 est [ Titus ] sport with Aphrodite Pandemos and chain the
Julian:Caes_329 honour of the lover of Aphrodite, by scraping together
Julian:Caes_335 er, till mighty Ares and Aphrodite took pity on him and
Julian:Mis_359 men have knowledge of Aphrodite, goddess of Wedlock,
LeonTar_5.188 am gentle, I call Cypris to witness ; but he shot me from
LeonTar_6.211 ates in your porch, true Cypris, the silver statuette of
LeonTar_6.293 hese slippers hang here, Cypris, the spoils won from Socha
LeonTar_6.300 wait a sacrifice of a kid. * & Aphrodite is meant, as Nos.
LeonTar_9.320 Eurotas said once to Cypris, " Either arm yourself or
LeonTar_16.171 OF ALEXANDRIA On Armed Aphrodite Why, Cythereia, have
LeonTar_16.182 & { G-P 23 } & On the Aphrodite Anadyomene of Apelles
LeonTar_16.206 enerate Love, the son of Cythereia, alone amongst the gods
Lucill_11.174 & Dio yesterday stole Cypris all of gold, just risen
Lucill_11.239 husbands, were afflicted by Aphrodite with an evil odou
MArgent_5.102 ia, a rather slim little Aphrodite, but blessed with a swe
MArgent_5.16 if I put the silver hounds of Cypris on her track. [5.32]
MArgent_6.248 re, consecrated to Cypris henceforth, my tipsy flagon, sis
MArgent_10.18 Gobrys, let Dionysus and Aphrodite, who loves dalliance,
Meleager_5.137 and one for Heliodora Cypris and one for Heliodora, the
Meleager_5.154 { G-P 63 } & By Cypris, swimming through the blue waves
Meleager_5.176 a wonder to me, Cypris, how you, who rose from the gree
Meleager_5.179 { G-P 7 } & By Cypris, Love, I will throw them all in
Meleager_5.191 hereon but these words, "Cypris, to you does Meleager, he
Meleager_5.195 blessed she, whose bed Cypris made, whose words were wro
Meleager_5.196 beauty is Love's gift, Cypris charmed her bed, and the
Meleager_5.204 against the strokes of Cypris' oarsmen, but your back
Meleager_6.162 dedicates to you, dear Cypris, the lamp his play-fellow,
Meleager_12.132 it to you, my soul, "By Cypris, you will be taken, O love
Meleager_12.141 { G-P 96 } & By Cypris, you have spoken what not even
Meleager_12.154 For he is beautiful, by Cypris, entirely beautiful ; and
Meleager_12.157 & { G-P 119 } & Cypris is my skipper and Love keeps the
Meleager_* 12.164-167 * two are the immortal mead of Cypris. [12.165] & { G-P
Meleager_12.256 hath wrought for you, Cypris, gathering with his own
Meleager_12.54 & { G-P 82 } & Cypris denies that she gave birth to
Meleager_12.56 marble, fashioning the son of Cypris. But now Love, the
Meleager_* 12.83-86 * ging the little torch of Cypris with scented flame, the
Meleager_12.92 lances ever smeared with Cypris' bird-lime, you have seize
Mnasalcas_9.324 place of the rustic Muse. * & Aphrodite. [9.333] & { G-P
Mnasalcas_9.333 zing at the sanctuary of Cypris of the Sea, and the spring
Nicand:Al_400 the lily, abhorred of Aphrodite, seeing that it was her
Nicand:Ge_74 again ambrosia, and many Aphrodite's Joy, for the lily riv
Nicarch_6.285 loom, made in honour of Cypris a bonfire in front of her
Nicarch_9.576 holding an Apple. Aphrodite speaks Trito-born maiden, why
Nicarch_4502,2 and do not say, "Cypris is better than Plutus", and do
OGIS_309 (c. 166-159)   s day; the priest of [Aphrodite] and the goddess Ap
Philip_9.416 ilt from the business of Cypris, and betake me to the sea
Philip_16.177 G-P 72 } & On the Armed Aphrodite in Sparta Laughter-lovi
Philoch_203 yards, and a [temple of] Aphrodite, and five porticoes aro
Phld:Epigr_5.121 than in the girdle of Aphrodite, and she never refuses
Phld:Epigr_5.4 friend, learn now the rest of Aphrodite's secrets. [5.13]
Phld:Epigr_7.222 eally loved the rites of Cypris, and whose charms came nea
Phld:Epigr_10.21 & { G-P 15 } & Cypris of the Calm, lover of bridegroom
Phld:Epigr_11.30 five or nine times, now, Aphrodite, hardly manage once fro
Phld:Epigr_12.173 and Demo a girl who knows not Cypris yet. The one I touch
Polyaen_2.4.3 to be the festival of Aphrodite, which the women celebr
Polyaen_5.18.1 were landing at the temple of Aphrodite. He attacked them
POxy_1380 p~isis_hymns.html#6 commanding, many-shaped, Aphrodite; 10 & at Delta giver
PsCallisth_1.4 of a caerulean stone, Aphrodite of sapphires, Cronus
PsCallisth_1.12 son of heaven. For Aphrodite, goddess of marriage, mother
PsCallisth_1.46 wed the nymph Harmonia, Cypris' child, & The secret gift
SEG_23.547 (201/0)   on and [Ares and (?) Aphrodite and] Hermes Hēg
SEG_39.1426 (238-221)   in the sanctuary of Aphrodite, and the other in [
SEG_48.1330 (c. 128-100)   er of our cares, you, Kypris, who bring close to us
SEG_54.1353 (209)   up in the shrine of Aphrodite in Timenenos and in
SelPap_1.131 necklace, a coverlet, an Aphrodite, a cup, a large tin
SelPap_1.37 thereto in the temple of Aphrodite called Hathur Nouem
SelPap_1.40 the street of Cleopatra Aphrodite, the 15 arurae which
SelPap_1.55 the street of Cleopatra Aphrodite, that neither they
SelPap_2.385 itants of the village of Aphrodite in the Antaeopolite
SelPap_2.396 inhabitants of the village of Aphrodite in the Antaeo
Simonid_5.159 upon a time, dedicate to you, Cypris, these girdles and
Simonid_13.20 help of Hephaestus, to Aphrodite, having been vanquished
StephByz_70 Adonis, which has a statue of Aphrodite by Praxiteles.
Syll_375 (283/2)   e of the temple of Aphrodite Pandemos according to
THI_130 (310-280)   or a (?) piglet] to Aphrodite; [and at the] feast [
THI_61 (early 2nd cent.)   n the torch race of Aphrodite, (?) from the fi
THI_61.C (early 2nd century)   ; In the torch race of Aphrodite, (?) from the firs
THI_68 (163-145)   temple of Paphian Aphrodite; and to celebrate his
Vit:Arat_1 of the Solians, And may Cypris of the violet crown give

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