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Greek text:   POxy 499
Date:   A.D. 121.

Tryphon son of Aristander and Sarapion son of Herodes, of Oxyrhynchus, have leased to Apollonius son of Horus, of the village of Senepta, Persian of the Epigone, for the current 6th year of Hadrianus Caesar the lord, from their property at the said village in the holding of Dion, the 101/2 arourai lately grown with corn, of which the boundaries are, on the east the land of Didymus, on the south that of the aforesaid lessors, on the north the same, on the west that of Seuthes son of Potamon, to be sown with grass for cutting and grazing, at a rent for each aroura, without any remeasurement, of 36 drachmas clear of every risk, the taxes on the land being at the charge of the lessor, who shall also be the owner of the crop until he receives the rent. If this lease is guaranteed, the lessee shall pay the rent in the month Pauni of the said year, and if he is in arrears he shall forfeit the deficit increased by one half, and the lessor shall have the right of execution upon the said Apollonius and upon all his property as if by legal decision. This lease is valid. The 6th year of the Emperor Caesar Trajanus Hadrianus Augustus, Thoth 25.

{Signed}   I, Sarapion son of Herodes, am a party to the lease of the aforesaid 10 arourai, without any remeasurement, at 26 drachmas the aroura as aforesaid. Same date.

{Endorsed}   Lease of Apollonius for year 6.

papyrus 43

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