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  Pauni   - a month in the Egyptian calendar
  + Payni
AET_8.13   (c. 90)   tival in the month of Payni, on which the measuring
AET_8.13.F   Senut-festival in the month of Payni on which the measuring-rope was
OGIS_188   (? 89)   th year, on the 25th day of Pauni. → inscripti
OGIS_189   (? 89)   th year, on the 25th day of Pauni. → inscripti
OGIS_758   (199)   siege of Abydos. Year 6, Pauni 28. → inscripti
PCairZen_59145   Farewell. Year 30, Daisios 11, Pauni (?) 11. Docketed}
PCairZen_59179   Farewell. Year 31, Daisios 16, Pauni 2. Apollonios to Krat
PCairZen_59180   Farewell. Year 31, Daisios 16, Pauni 2. Addressed} & To
PCairZen_59240   sios 13. Docketed} & Year 33, Pauni 19. Kleonax to Zenon.
PCairZen_59368   of Patis. Farewell. Year 7, Pauni 8. Sosibios to Zenodo
PLond_1967   ocketed} & Year 31, Daisios 1, Pauni 11. From Psenemous,
SelPap_1.16   (13)   nths, Pharmouthi, Pachon, and Pauni. She shall not
SelPap_1.20   the 24th of the month Pauni according to the old re
SelPap_1.32   Trajanus Hadrianus Augustus, Pauni 29, at Oxyrhyn
SelPap_1.42   the rent in the month Pauni of the said year, an
SelPap_1.68   (92 or 59)   pay to you in the month Pauni of the 22nd year conv
SelPap_1.105   (01)   ous. The 29th year of Caesar, Pauni 23. {Addressed}
SelPap_1.123   beginning to the 14th of Pauni, written continuously
SelPap_2.258   the deified Hadrianus, Pauni 8, at the court in the
SelPap_2.286   elivered in the month of Pauni all the government corn
SelPap_2.294   appointment. Plutarchus said : Pauni 30. I was away in
SelPap_2.315   dus Antoninus Caesar the lord, Pauni 17. {Endorsed} Ex
SelPap_2.355   application. Farewell. Year 3, Pauni 13. Presented by
SelPap_2.361   of the present month of Pauni, the superintendent rec
SelPap_2.366   (3rd-2nd cent.)   the months Pachon and Pauni of the 7th year, namely
SelPap_2.380   tax 4 drachmae. On Pauni 21, dies augustus, for pig
SelPap_2.387   ermanicus Britannicus Maximus, Pauni. . . {Signed} I,
SelPap_2.399   payments for the month Pauni of the present 2nd yea
SelPap_2.403   the most sacred Nile on Pauni 30 : 1 calf, 2 jars of
SelPap_2.406   72 drachmae 18 obols ; Pauni, 72 drachmae 18 obols ;
SelPap_2.434   solemnly warn you. Written on Pauni 7 of the 9th indi

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