Select Papyri, 2.258


Greek text: POxy 237
Date:   A.D. 133.

From the minutes of Flavius Titianus, sometime praefect . The l2th year of the deified Hadrianus, Pauni 8, at the court in the market-place. Antonius son of Apollonius appeared and stated through his advocate, Isidorus the younger, that his father-in-law Sempronius at the instigation of his mother had made a quarrel with him and taken away his daughter against her will, and that when the latter fell ill through grief the epistrategos Bassus, being moved to sympathy, declared that if they wished to live together Antonius ought not to be prevented, but all to no effect. For Sempronius ignoring this declaration presented to the praefect a complaint of violence and had brought back an order that the rival parties were to be sent up for trial. Antonius therefore claimed, if it pleased the praefect , that he should not be separated from a wife affectionately disposed towards him. The advocate Didymus replied that Sempronius had had good reason for having been provoked. For it was because Antonius had threatened to charge him with incest that he, refusing to bear the insult, had used the power granted him by the laws and had also brought . . . accusations against the other. Probatianus on behalf of Antonius added that if the marriage had not been annulled the father had no power either over the dowry or over the daughter whom he had given away. Titianus said : The decisive question is with whom the married woman wishes to live. Read over and signed by me.

papyrus 259

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