Select Papyri, 2.270


Greek text:   PEnt 48
Date:   217 B.C.

To King Ptolemy greeting from Pistus son of Leontomenes, Persian of the Epigone. I am being wronged by Aristocrates, Thracian, holder of 100 arourai, of the 1st hipparchy, resident in Autodice. For in year 3, on the 8th of the month Audnaeus, I hired myself out to him in accordance with a contract deposited with Ptolemaeus, on the condition that I should accompany him on the campaign and give him my services until I brought him back to Autodice, receiving from him a monthly wage of the amount agreed upon between ourselves ; and though I have given him my services and behaved irreproachably and brought him back to Autodice as the contract orders, Aristocrates in spite of my demand will not pay me 10 drachmas which he owes me from my wages, despising my feebleness, but intends to trick me. I beg you therefore, O king, to order Diophanes the strategos to write to Pythiades the epistates to send Aristocrates to appear before him, and if my words are true, let Diophanes compel him to pay me the 10 drachmas and carry out the contract with me, in order that I may not be tricked by him, that so, O king, I may receive your help. Farewell.

{Docketed}   To Pythiades. Examine the case and take care that he receives justice. Year 4, Daesius 27 Hathur 29.

{Endorsed}   Year 4, Daesius 27 Hathur 29. Pistus son of Leontomenes, Persian, against Aristocrates, holder of 100 arourai, concerning 10 drachmas and a contract.

papyrus 270A

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