Select Papyri, 2.279


Greek text: PRyl 119
Date:   A.D. 54-67.

To Tiberius Claudius Cronius, exegetes of Alexandria, from Demetrius son of Aristomenes, of the Hermopolite nome above Memphis. It happens that I, with my paternal uncles Dionysius and the elder Demetrius, both sons of Demetrius, in the 12th year of the deified Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus Imperator had a case judged by his excellency the praefect Gaius Caecina Tuscus when he was juridicus, in which we and Dionysius's daughter Philotera were suing our creditor Musaeus son of Hermophilus, gymnasiarch, for an audit of the mortgage which he holds against us of eighty-three and a quarter arourai, and for the numerous rents therefrom which he had appropriated to the amount of more than double the capital sum, apart from the further sum of 5000 drachmas in rents on which an embargo had been laid. He decided that we should repay the capital sum and recover the security and that Musaeus should receive a discharge for the rents which he had already obtained. In conformity with his recorded judgement we proposed to Musaeus that he should give us part of the security to sell so that we should be able to repay him the capital sum, as we had no means other than the security, but he refused, having grown covetous of it owing to the amount of its yearly produce, the rent being at the rate of ten artabas of wheat per year. Not only that but he seized the rents of the 10th and 11th years which were lying with the cultivators under embargo in consequence of a letter from Tuscus, and he continues up till now to enjoy the said security, by which he has profited to the extent of 5 talents in return for a capital sum of 4800 drachmas. We have therefore been robbed on every side by this man, against whom we made petitions and presented reports many in number, which he scorned in virtue of his superior local power, and we served a summons upon him and his sons Hermophilus and Castor to go down to the assize, but his sons made light of it and did not appear; wherefore we request you to give a decision on all these points, allowing us to obtain justice at your hands and to experience your benevolence. Demetrius son of Aristomenes and Philotera daughter of Dionysius, on behalf of whom her husband Eudemus son of Metocus has been appointed a representative, citizens of Hermopolis, versus Musaeus son of Hermophilus, their creditor, and his sons Hermophilus and Castor re the restitution of the security of 831/4 arourai and of the numerous revenues from them amounting to 5 talents.

papyrus 280

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