Select Papyri, 2.311


Greek text:   SB 3.6995
Date:   A.D. 121.

The 8th year of the Emperor Caesar Trajanus Hadrianus Augustus, 1st day of Pachon, through Diodorus son of Tryphon, keeper of the record-office of the village of Tenis and Kerke in the Memphite nome. Declaration of home-bred slaves : Baebia Rufilla, aged thirty-five years, without distinguishing mark, having with her as guardian her mother's brother Publius Lucretius Diogenes, aged forty-five years, with a scar on the right shin, has registered as a home-bred slave, in conformity with the enactment and the edict, the male slave whom she said she had acquired as issue of the female slave Tyche belonging to her, named Phoenicas, three years old, with a scar on the right wrist, and she has paid the due offering for the supernumerary seventh day of the goddess Berenice Euergetis. (Followed by official subscriptions of which the meaning is rather obscure.)

papyrus 312

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