Select Papyri, 2.396


Greek text:   PCMasp 67321
Date:   A.D. 548 or 563.

Flavius Theodorus Menas Julianus Jacob the most magnificent count and praeses of the eparchy of the Thebaid for the 6th time. Our most mighty king, ordering with God's guidance all the cities under the sun, is fortifying them with arms and military troops trained for battle by tactical experience, in accord with the ordinance of the laws ; and this design characterizes the auspicious event which has now befallen the province of the Thebaid. For he has auspiciously deigned to decree by a divine official order that there shall be quartered in Hermopolis a numerus of the loyal Justinian Numidians, five hundred and eight men, to guard the eparchy of the Thebaid and repulse every inroad of barbarians, and he has ordered supplies to be furnished to them. To give effect to this most good and thoughtful measure the most honourable count Plutinus has been appointed, a man who has rendered services to this pious community and gained a good repute in public affairs, as has been recognized by the reigning fortune and by the most lofty magistracy , and who from the first hour of his arrival has shown the gentleness naturally inherent in his nobility, observing the general interest. Be ready therefore on receiving this legal order to furnish supplies, through Beryllas their devoted adjutant, to the above-mentioned loyal Justinian Numidians, amounting to four hundred and eight men, for the months of September, October, November, and December of the present twelfth indiction, in accordance with the appended account, knowing that if any slackness is shown on any point, you will not escape the action of the law. Wherefore we have sent this letter from the officium.

{Signed}   Read. Read. Reviewed.

{Addressed}   To the inhabitants of the village of Aphrodite in the Antaeopolite nome.

(The requisition) The appended quota is required to be collected from your village and supplied to the most noble Justinian Numidians through Beryllas their devoted adjutant for the months of September, October, November, December of the present indiction without prejudice until the receipt of the most auspicious preparatory assignment of the said twelfth indiction, it being understood that you receive the quittance at the time of payment. 2431/3 modii of wheat, 2916 measures of thin wine, divided as follows : to the adjutant, 220 modii of wheat, 2651 measures of wine ; to the same on behalf of the armourer, 7 modii of wheat, 88 measures of wine ; to the officials 161/3 modii of wheat, 177 measures of wine.

papyrus 397

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