Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 540


Greek text:   IG_2².847   ( see also IG_2³.1.1164 )
Date:     214/3 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

For an earlier decree in honour of the superintendents of the mysteries, see IG_2³.1.915 ( Syll_384 ).

When Diokles was archon, in the thirteenth prytany of the Hippothontis tribe, with Aristophanes of Keiriadai, the son of Stratokles, acting as secretary of the prytany; on the 3rd day of Skirophorion, which the 3rd day of the prytany; the council met in the council-house; Phanokles of Angelē, the son of Hippomachos, and the other presidents put it to the vote on behalf of the presidents; it was resolved by the council and the people, as proposed by Demokrates of Kolonai, the son of Sounieus: since the superintendents of the mysteries, who were appointed for the year in which Diokles was archon, have performed the appropriate sacrifices during the year to Demeter and Korē and to the other gods as is traditional, on behalf of the council and the people and their children and wives, and they always sacrificed the preparatory offerings {prothumata} and they prepared the carriage for the transport of the sacred objects out of their own resources; and they gave back to the council the money that was allocated to them for the cost of the carriage; and they took care of the procession to the sea and the reception of Iakchos at Eleusis; similarly they took care of the mysteries at Agra, which occurred twice during the year, because the Eleusinian mysteries were celebrated; and after sacrificing a bull at Eleusis, they distributed the meat to the council of 650; and they rendered accounts of all this to the auditors and in the Metroön, and underwent scrutiny in the courts, according to the law; and they paid for all the other trappings of the sacrifices out of their own resources, acting honourably towards the council and the people; therefore so that others may strive to act honourably, knowing that they will receive appropriate rewards for their good deeds, with good fortune it is resolved by the council, that the presidents who are allotted to preside over the next assembly shall raise this matter, and bring the decision of the council to the people, that it is resolved by the council to honour the superintendents of the mysteries who served during the year when Diokles was archon - namely Thrasykles of Auridai, the son of ... and Niketes of [Pergase], the son of Niketes - and to crown each of them with a crown of myrrh [on account of] their piety [towards] the gods and their honourable conduct towards the council and the people; and if they continue to act honourably in the future, [the people will grant them further privileges, as they deserve]. The secretary [of the prytany] shall inscribe [this decree] on two stone [steles, and shall place one in] the court of the temple [at Eleusis, and the other] on the acropolis; and for [the cost of] the inscription . . .  

inscription 541

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