Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 545


Greek text:   FD_3.3.220
Date:     206/5 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

Chios had a place on the Amphictyonic Council throughout the second half of the third century B.C.   This was a significant privilege, and was commemorated in a series of inscriptions at Delphi; but the text of this decree also stresses the importance of the relationship between Chios and the Aetolian League.

Gods. When Polykleitos was archon at Delphi, with the following men acting as hieromnemones:

with Moschion of Herakleia acting as secretary.

10 It was resolved by the Amphictyons: since Leochides of Chios, the son of Anaxiades, who was sent by the Chians to be their hieromnemon, has performed matters pertaining to the sacrifices well and splendidly, leaving nothing to be desired in his honourable conduct, and paying great attention to piety towards the divinity; and he has taken care of the maintenance of the sacred offerings, of the altar and of everything else that has been dedicated by the city of Chios; and along with the other hieromnemones, he has resolved some of the judicial cases, and he judged the others fairly according to the laws; and he has continually assisted all who arrive in the city, 20 demonstrating the goodwill which he holds [towards] the Aetolian nation and the other Amphictyons; and in [all] his time of office he has continually helped the hieromnemones and others in many and great matters, always saying and doing what is beneficial to the Amphictyons, and proving himself worthy of the city of Chios and of the Aetolians; therefore so that [the council] of the Amphictyons may be seen to show proper gratitude to its benefactors and to assign them rewards [worthy] of their honourable conduct, it is resolved to honour the [city of Chios], because it has sent this man as its representative, and to praise [Leochides] of Chios himself, the son of Anaxiades, 30 and to crown him with a golden [crown] and with two bronze [statues]; and to announce the award of the crown in the gymnastic contest at [the Soteria] and in the theatre [at the Dionysia], when the boys' [choruses are about to be brought in, proclaiming that] the Amphictyons crown [Leochides of Chios, the son of Anaxiades, with a golden crown, and they will set up two bronze statue of him] . . . { the rest of the inscription was probably similar to the end of inscription 553 }.

inscription 546

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