Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 604


Greek text:   Sylloge_604
Date:     192 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

The two envoys from Chersonesos, Phormion and Herakleidas, are also mentioned in the Delphic proxeny list ( Syll_585 ).

Gods. When Kleodamos was archon, and the members of the council were Amyntas, Theophrastos and Praxias, it was resolved by the city of Delphi: since Amyntas and Charixenos, the theoroi who were sent to announce the Pythian games, on their return have brought a decree of the citizens of Chersonesos on the Pontic Sea, stating that the theoroi had their expenses paid and were cared for by the city in every respect, and the theoroi themselves have confirmed the message of the decree, describing the friendly attitude of the citizens towards the city of Delphi both publicly and to everyone privately; and now they have sent Phormion and Herakleidas, who have offered a sacrifice to the god of a hundred victims {hecatomb}, starting with a cow, and a sacrifice to Athena of twelve victims, starting with a cow; and they distributed the meat from the cows amongst the citizens; and they have conducted themselves during their visit here in a manner worthy of both themselves and those that sent them; therefore it it resolved by the city of Delphi to praise the city of Chersonesos on the Pontic Sea and the envoys sent by them on account of the friendly attitude and goodwill which they have towards the god and the city of Delphi; and to grant priority in consulting the oracle to the city of Chersonesos, and proxeny to Phormion and Herakleidas, who were sent here by the city. The magistrates in office shall inscribe this decree and place it in the temple of Apollo; and the treasurers, Charixenos and Diodoros, shall provide hospitality to the envoys, Phormion and Herakleidas.

inscription 605

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