Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 635


Greek text:   IG_7.4135 ,   IG_7.4136
Date:     230-225 B.C.
Tags:     inviolability ,   oracles
Format:   see key to translations

For a discussion of this inscription, see A.Schachter, "Boiotia in Antiquity: Selected Papers", chapter 23 ( Google Books ). Dittenberger dated the inscription to 182-179 B.C., but Schachter prefers the alternative date of 230-225 B.C., on the assumption that the Ptoïokles mentioned in this inscription is the same man as the Ptoïokles recorded elsewhere as a Boeotian hieromnemon ( Syll_509 ).

[A] . . . [for five days] while they are travelling there and for a similar number [of days while they are departing] and while the festival [is in progress, both for themselves and for their] companions and for whatever [goods] they have, [wherever they are]; if [contrary to] this anyone assaults or seizes one of them, they shall be liable to prosecution in the court of the Amphictyons; and the temple of Apollo Ptoïos at Akraiphia shall be inviolable, as the boundary stones mark, in the same way as the temple at Delphi; and no-one shall harm the rest of the sacred land of Apollo Ptoïos; and if anyone does harm it, they shall be liable to prosecution in the court of the Amphictyons; the truce and the guarantee of security shall commence on the fifteenth day of the month of Hippodromios in the god's calendar, as the Boeotians reckon, and of the month of Apellaios, as the Delphians reckon; the stewards of the temple and the prophet and the priest of Apollo Ptoïos and the city of Akraiphia and the Boeotian league as previously, and the agonothete who is appointed for the Ptoïan games, shall be responsible for ensuring this. Ptoïokles son of Potamodoros shall inscribe this decree on steles and set up one in the temple of Apollo Ptoïos at Akraiphia, and another at Pylaia; and he shall set it up in the other temples too, wherever seems best. If there is any offence against the decree of the Amphictyons, the offender shall pay a fine of two thousand staters and compensation for whatever damage he causes; and the money that he is condemned to pay shall be sacred to Apollo Ptoïos. The hieromnemones shall take this decree back to their own cities and nations, so that everyone may know what has been decreed by the Amphictyons.

[B] Kalliklidas of Opoeis in Locris went down to the oracle of Trephonios and announced that Lebadeia would be dedicated to the king and Trephonios, and Akraiphia would be dedicated to Apollo Ptoïos, and no-one should harm these places. They shall both collect sacred money for the common good in every land, and shall announce the sacred games. Whoever takes care of the temple of Zeus the King shall wear the crown.

inscription 636

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