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  Trophonius   - a Greek hero, worshipped as a god in Boeotia
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  + Trephonius
285/4a ard of Demetrius is killed after entering the oracle of Trophonius
    Within translations:
Athen_6.242   But Alexis, in his Trophonius, mentions a certain Moschion
Athen_12.553   odorus alludes to in his Trophonius- & Then to anoint my
Athen_13.594   Descent to the Cave of Trophonius, says,- "And that same
Athen_14.614   gone down to the cave of Trophonius, after he had come up
Athen_14.641   Descent to the Cave of Trophonius, speaks thus: 'There
Cic:Tusc_1.114   they were found dead. [114] Trophonius and Agamedes are said to
Obseq_50   entered the temple of Jupiter Trophonius he brought out a bronze
Plin:HN_34.66   so are his statue of Trophonius at the oracular shrine of
Polyaen_2.3.8   said that he was sent by Trophonius to inform them, that
Syll_635   (182-179)   n to the oracle of Trephonios and announced that

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