Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 637


Greek text:   FD_3.2.20
Date:     178 B.C.
Tags:     kinship
Format:   see key to translations

The community of Tetrapolis in Attica continued to have a close relationship with Delphi; see Syll_541.

With good fortune. When Praxias was archon at Delphi, and Philon was archon at Athens, it was resolved by the city in full assembly, with the votes as prescribed by law: since the citizens of Tetrapolis have sent Diophantos, Kallisthenes and Lysitheos as envoys to commemorate and renew the kinship that they have with the god and the city,; and they have continually honoured the god with all piety; therefore it is resolved by the city that their privileged seating and their other honours, which are inscribed in the temple of Apollo, shall remain in force for all time; they shall sacrifice at the altar according to their ancestral customs, the same as the Delphians; and to praise the state of Tetrapolis and to crown it with a wreath of the god's laurel, as is traditional at Delphi, on account of their piety and the honourable conduct that they continually show towards the god and the city; and to praise their envoys Diophantos, Kallisthenes and Lysitheos, because they have conducted themselves in a fine and worthy manner during their residence here, and to invite them to hospitality in the prytaneion. The magistrates shall [inscribe] this decree in the treasury of the Athenians.

inscription 638

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