Ancient Egyptian Texts:  6.10


Text:   P. Leiden 382
Date:   ? 289 B.C.
Language:   Demotic
Translated by:   J.D. Ray
Format:   see key to translations

In this letter, a senior official makes his dissatisfaction abundantly clear. The translation is taken from J.D. Ray, "The Voice of Authority: Papyrus Leiden I 382" (JEA, 1999).

For the attention of Paret the temple scribe.   I have received a letter concerning the boy Portiou, saying that he has absconded with his clothing, to the value of 6 kite. The temple scribe will not be able to justify himself to me in any way. I did not send him out with you. It is you who have wronged him, in (?) his heart (?). But if I (?) find him I shall have him seized and make him return the things, or else I shall make sure that you join him in prison. Arrange to be sent to me the reply to the matters about which I wrote to the temple scribe, as a matter of urgency: the charge against Petamun son of Hor, the man of Philae, about whom I wrote to you, and the charges against Pinhor son of Petemenestou, the steward who is employed by Thotemheb son of Pana the seal-bearer,  a Theban, who divided the grain (?) into quarters, the grain (?) of Petbe, and above all the charge against Petiharpre. It is irksome to be writing to the temple scribe about this. Written by Phib son of Petiharpre in Year 16, Pharmouthi, day 27.

{On the back} For the attention of   Paret son of Hor, the temple scribe.

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