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  Aquileia   - a city in northern Italy, at the head of the Adriatic Sea
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186/11 band of Gauls crosses the Alps and settles near Aquileia.
183/3 The Romans expel the Gauls who had settled near Aquileia.
181/12 Roman colonies are founded at Aquileia and Graviscae.
56/11 Envoys from Issa meet Caesar at Aquileia.
    Within translations:
CIL_1.2197   IL_1 .2197 Works at Aquileia (c. CIL, 1.2,
CIL_1.2198   CIL_1 .2198 Gate at Aquileia. c. 100 B.C.?
CIL_1.2822   Text Dedication of c. 90 B.C., Aquileia. Stone slab.
CIL_1.621   stone at Padua, but made in Aquileia. 181 B.C. or l
CIL_1.652   a stone pedestal found near Aquileia. 129 B.C. Satu
Just_32.3   so long a voyage, near Aquileia, and were called Istrian
Oros_7.19   was killed by Pupienus at Aquileia. His death also brought the
Oros_7.35   time had established himself at Aquileia, to be a spectator of
Plin:HN_3.126   flows past the colony of Aquileia situated 15 miles from the
Plin:HN_3.127   same name, 33 miles from Aquileia. Six miles beyond Tergeste is
Plin:HN_3.129   on his statue there: From Aquileia to the river Tityus 2000
Plin:HN_3.131   a town 12 miles from Aquileia was destroyed by Marcus Claudius
Plin:HN_3.132   Brixia, Verona, Vicetia, Opitergium, Aquileia, Tergeste and Pola, to
Plin:HN_6.218   the Adriatic Sea, Aquileia, Altinum, Venetia, Vicetia,

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