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  Areius   - a harp-player, late 4th century B.C.
310/8 the citharist, addressed to Areius, Axiothea, Berisades, Cleon, Diod
    Within translations:
Athen_8.352 laws." And he said to Areius the harp-player, who was

  Areius 2   of Alexandria - procurator of Augustus in Sicily
Julian:Caes_326 ere my own father. Areius I counted my friend and close
Plut:Mor_207 udgement-seat, he placed Areius the Alexandrian by him,

  Areius 3   - father of Asclepiades
Athen_13.567 Asclepiades, the son of Areius, relates in his History

  Areius 4   of Tarsus - a writer on medicine, of uncertain date
Apollod:Fr_73 ydes and Apollodorus and Areius of Tarsus all refer to the

  Areius   - in documents
OGIS_104 (167-145)   Artemis and Leto by Areios of Athens, the son of Pa
OGIS_106 (174-172)   atos son of Demetrios Areios son of Dionysios Amy
Syll_657 (155/4)   son of Parmeneides Areios of Paiania, the son of
THI_85 (late 3rd century)   linos Demetrios Leukon Areios Apollodoros [12]
THI_97 (294-288)   ich is the month of Areios as the Histiaians reckon

Areiussee Areus

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