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  Ariovistus   - king of the Germans (Suebi); defeated by Caesar in 58 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
71/21 The German king Ariovistus enters Gaul at the invitation of the Sequa
61/20 The German king Ariovistus defeats the Gauls at Magetobriga.
59/30 Caesar establishes Ariovistus, the king of the Germans, as a Roman
58/43 and the Aedui urge Caesar to make war on the German king Ariovistus.
58/48 Ariovistus rejects Caesar's demands, and they prepare for war.
58/56 Ariovistus agrees to meet Caesar, but their negotiations soon break
58/57 After some delay, Ariovistus enters into a battle with Caesar, and
    Within translations:
Julian:Caes_321   but I had to contend against Ariovistus. I was the first
Oros_6.7   Caesar later conquered King Ariovistus, who was inciting warfare

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