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  Camillus   (M. Furius Camillus) - Roman dictator, 396 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
  + Furius
Plutarch,- PLUTARCH, Camillus
    Within translations:
CIL_6.1308 13.3.61 ) M. Furius Camillus . . . he did
FastCap_p34 censors: M. Furius L.f. Sp.n. Camillus , M. Postumius A.f
FastCap_p36 ribunes : M. Furius L.f. Sp.n. Camillus L. Julius L.f. Vop
FastCap_p40 dictator: M. Furius L.f. Sp.n. Camillus IV , magister equi
FastCap_p42 dictator: M. Furius L.f. Sp.n. Camillus V , magister equit
FastTr_p94 Furius L.f. Sp.n. Camillus (IV), dictator (V), & over the
Festus:Brev.6 gold. Afterward, Camillus, who was in exile, with a mult
Julian:Caes_323 the two Scipios or of Furius, who sits over there by
Memn_18 aptured by the Gauls, if Camillus had not come to its aid
Polyaen_8.7.1 [see also: Livy, 1.54] [7] Camillus. When Camillus com
Polyaen_8.7.2 seven months. Then Camillus, having collected the forces

  Camillus 3   (L. Furius Camillus) - Roman consul, 349 B.C.
FastCap_p42 Furius M.f. L.n. Camillus , magister equitum: P Corneliu
FastCap_p44 [349] & L. Furius M.f. L.n. Camillus , Ap. Claudius P.f

  Camillus 4   (L. Furius Camillus) - Roman consul, 338 B.C.
ChronPasc_421 uitum. The consul Camillus executed his own son, because
FastTr_p95 Furius Sp.f. M.n. Camillus, consul, & over the Pedani and

  Camillus 5   (M. Furius Camillus) - Roman consul, 8 A.D.
Wikipedia entry
FastCap_p86 Consuls: M. Furius P.f. P.n. Camillus , Sex. Nonius L.f.

  Camillus 6   - friend of the poet Philippus, 1st century A.D.
Philip_4.2 know, excellent Camillus, the famous writers of old ;

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