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  Celts   - an ethnic group living western Europe, especially in Gaul and Spain
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  + Celt , Celtic
231/8 Hamilcar defeats the Tartessians and their Celtic allies.
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Aelian:Fr_353 & & Suda_E'1082 & & A savage Celt. Attalus' home page
AnthPal_9.368 illy-goat. Did the Celts for lack of grapes make you out
Anyte_7.492 itizens, whom the sword of the Celts forced to this fate.
Apollod:Fr_23 of his Chronica: "The Celtic Arverni" [24] [STEPHANUS
Apollod:Fr_25 z.] Fabia, a city of the Celtic Gauls, founded by Fabius,
Athen_* 04.151-154 * says [ Fr_15 ] - " The Celts place food before their gue
Athen_6.233 vetii, and among others of the Celtic tribes. And the moun
Athen_6.246 es, says [ Fr_17 ], "The Celts, even when they make war,
Athen_6.249 Sotiani (and that is a Celtic tribe) had six hundred pic
Athen_13.603 by Zeus. And the Celts, too, although they have the most
Crinag_9.283 flashes forth as he smites the Celts with the thunderbolts
FastTr__S in Latium Scordisci A Celtic tribe, to the north of Ill
Joseph:BJ_01.5 were in motion, and the Celts were not quiet; but all
Julian:Caes_320 all, Italians, Illyrians, and Celts. And since I have men
Julian:Mis_340 Lutetia - for that is how the Celts call the capital of
Julian:Mis_342 ven when I was among the Celts, like the ill-tempered man
Julian:Mis_348 also, and the Arabs and Celts and Thracians and Paeonians
Julian:Mis_349 here are far from being Celts or Thracians or Illyrians?
Julian:Mis_359 eadstrong in proportion as the Celts are more so than the
Julian:Mis_360 with you. Now the Celts never made the acquaintance of
Philip_9.561 eternal ice of the snowy Celtic Alps or the iron-bearing
Phlegon:Mir_9 of Attalus. The Celts dwelling in Asia who face you in
Polyaen_7.42.1 the actor a talent. [42] & The Celts. The Celts, who were
Polyaen_7.50.1 Herodotus, 4.146] [50] & The Celtic Women.   The Celts,
Polyaen_8.25.1 Romans. After the Celts had made themselves masters of
Poseidon_* 15-17 * 2'd & The public feasts of the Celts. [16] [68.K] & Athen_
Poseidon_55 .198 (chapter 4.5) & The Celts cut off the heads of their

Celtssee Gaul

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