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  Cephisia   - a deme in Attica
AnthPal_13.2   young man is of the deme of Cephissia. Rejoicing in his
Apollod:Fr_43   son of Diopeithes, from Cephisia; & He wrote five and a
Philoch_149   names were Epicrates of Cephisia, Andocides of Cydathenae
Syll_310   (323/2)   osed by Euphiletos of Kephisia, the son of Euphile
Syll_313   (320/19)   e, with Theramenes of Kephisia as secretary; on the
Syll_329   (c. 306/5)   ple; Antimenes [of Kephisia] and the other presi
Syll_342   (303/2)   ed by Philostratos of Kephisia, the son of Philostr
Syll_346   (302/1)   osed by Euphiletos of Kephisia, the son of Aristei
Syll_657   (155/4)   . } Satyros of Kephisia, the son of Aristion Zenod
THI_203   (122/1) trainer :   Satyros of Kephisia, son of Herakleides

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