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  Daphne   - a nymph who was pursued by Apollo and transformed into a laurel tree
Wikipedia entry
AnthPal_9.751 & and on it are Apollo and Daphne. Of which was Apollo
AntipThes_9.282 hundred feet. * & Daphne, pursued by Apollo and changed
Philip_9.307 07] & { G-P 5 } & Daphne, who once refused Phoebus, now
Phylarch_32 Parth:Amat_15 & The story of Daphne. Book 17 [33] & JOAN
Plut:Agis_9 she was no other than Daphne, the daughter of Amyclas,

  Daphne 2   - a grove dedicated to Apollo, near Antioch in Syria
300/3 The foundation of Antioch and the nearby temple at Daphne.
190/26 Antiochus concerning the appointment of a chief priest at Daphne.
170/7 Menelaus persuades the regent Andronicus to murder Onias at Daphne.
166/13 Antiochus holds a magnificent festival and games at Daphne.
111/9 Antiochus Grypus holds magnificent games at Daphne.
    Within translations:
2Macc_4   awn to a place of sanctuary at Daphne near Antioch. 34 The
Athen_4.150   atise on the Contests at Daphne, speaking as follows :-
Athen_4.176   the Assemblies at Daphne, says, "He touched every
Athen_5.194   be exhibited by him at Daphne, so that the Greeks all
Athen_5.210   celebrating the games at Daphne, himself also made very
Athen_12.540   celebrating the games at Daphne, gave a magnificent banque
Festus:Brev_16   ecrated the grove belonging to Daphne, with a wood added
Hieron:Chron_1949   Ar.] The grove of Daphne near Antioch was dedicated to
Joseph:AJ_14.325   had heard both sides at Daphne, he asked Hyrcanus who the
Joseph:AJ_14.451   and when he was come to Daphne by Antioch, they told him
Joseph:BJ_1.243   men among the Jews to Daphne by Antioch to Antonius,
Joseph:BJ_1.328   Now when Herodes was at Daphne, by Antioch, he had some
Julian:Mis_346   entered the shrine of Daphne, which had been first aban
Julian:Mis_357   of Zeus and the god of Daphne and Calliope who revealed
Julian:Mis_361   sent away the body from Daphne, some of you, in expiation
Just_27.1   she shut herself up in Daphne; and it being reported
Malal_204   cleis, but is now called Daphne; some cypress trees had
OGIS_456.A   (c. 20) . ] and Antioch near Daphne. The annual [sacrifices . .
Poseidon_21   feasts of Antiochus Grypus at Daphne. Book 30 [22] [73.K]
THI_158.F   (c. 170-150) her [(?) steward] Helikon of Daphne near Antioch, who is the

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