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  Helvetii   - a Celtic tribe, living in part of modern Switzerland
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  + Helvetians
61/31 Orgetorix persuades the Helvetii to invade the neighbouring parts of
60/2 cus, describing raids by the Helvetii and attempts to transfer P.Clod
58/24 Gaul, on hearing that the Helvetii have fixed a date for their mig
58/28 The Helvetii ask Caesar to allow them to migrate, but he refuses and
58/29 The Helvetii invade the territory of the Aedui, while Caesar raises
58/35 Caesar and Labienus defeat the Helvetii by the river Arar.
58/40 Caesar defeats the Helvetii again, near Bibracte.
58/41 Caesar allows the survivors of the Helvetii to return home.
    Within translations:
Athen_6.233   r_48 ] is done among the Helvetii, and among others of the
Julian:Caes_321   before all the others. Of the Helvetians and Iberians I
Oros_6.7   Orgetorix, the chief of the Helvetii, stirred up war among his
Plin:HN_4.106   Mediomatrici, Sequani, Raurici, Helvetii; and the colonies
Polyaen_8.23.3   aesar fought against the Helvetii, of whom eighty thousand

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