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  Jordan   - a river in Judaea, flowing into the Dead Sea
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181/4 leave Judaea and settles on the other side of the river Jordan.
160/18 battle between Bacchides and Jonathan by the river Jordan.
82/21 the east side of the river Jordan, and captures Dium, Essa, Gaulana
    Within translations:
1Macc_5   his brother crossed the Jordan and went three days' journ
1Macc_9   with all his army crossed the Jordan. 35 And Jonathan
Aristeas_116   storms. The river Jordan, as it is called, which never
Euseb]:Chron_107   other side of the river Jordan, made war on Jephthah, he
Hieron:Chron_2044   the desert by the river Jordan, saying that Christ the
Joseph:AJ_12.132   ught at the fountains of Jordan, and destroyed a great par
Joseph:AJ_12.222   retired beyond the river Jordan, and there abode, but obli
Joseph:AJ_12.229   seated himself beyond Jordan, and was at perpetual war
Joseph:AJ_12.233   ween Arabia and Judaea, beyond Jordan, not far from Essebo
Joseph:AJ_12.335   passed over the river Jordan; and when they had gone
Joseph:AJ_12.348   So they came over Jordan, and arrived at the great plain,
Joseph:AJ_13.9   and pitching his camp beyond Jordan, he recruited his
Joseph:AJ_13.12   camp among the lakes of Jordan, he observed when their
Joseph:AJ_13.14   hat means escaped beyond Jordan while the enemies did not
Joseph:AJ_13.261   ara, and the springs [of Jordan], and the several other
Joseph:AJ_13.338   der met him at the river Jordan, near a certain place call
Joseph:AJ_13.356   the inhabitants above Jordan, where Theodorus, the son
Joseph:AJ_13.398   of Ragaba, a fortress beyond Jordan. [399] But when his
Joseph:AJ_14.277   eived, he retired beyond Jordan, and got together an army,
Joseph:AJ_14.417   them as far as the river Jordan, though they ran away by
Joseph:AJ_15.147   purpose he crossed over the Jordan, [148]   and pitched his
Joseph:AJ_15.364   the springs of the river Jordan. Herod adorned this place, which
Joseph:BJ_1.86   rtresses that were about Jordan, and therein were the most
Joseph:BJ_1.223   man, that he went beyond Jordan, in order to get an army
Joseph:BJ_1.380   passed over the river Jordan with his army, and pitched
Joseph:BJ_1.404   hard by the fountains of Jordan: the place is called Paniu
Joseph:BJ_1.406   & Now the fountains of Jordan rise at the roots of this
Joseph:BJ_1.657   another. Thus he crossed the Jordan to take the warm baths
Oros_1.5   of the valley that the Jordan once watered. 11 So great
Plin:HN_5.70   of Judaea by the river Jordan. The rest of Judaea is
Plin:HN_5.71   The source of the river Jordan is the spring of Panias
Porph:Fr_46   the source of the river Jordan, where Paneas is now situa

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