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  Melita   - an island between Sicily and Africa, the modern Malta
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  + Malta , Maltese , Melitean
257/13 C.Atilius carries out raids on Lipara and Melita.
148/6 returns some huge tusks which were stolen from a temple in Melita.
73/34 Diodorus of Melita escapes from Sicily after Verres attempts to seize
    Within translations:
Aelian:NA_7.40 his relatives, and his Maltese lap-dog threw itself into
Aelian:NA_16.6 ppearance. It is the size of a Melitean* lapdog. The sca
AnthPal_7.211 hat it contains here the white Maltese dog, Eumelus' faith
Athen_12.518 sigmaf;; and also little Maltese dogs, which follow them
Athen_12.519 arites delighted only in Maltese puppy dogs, and in men
Naev:Pun_31 arcus Atilius Regulus overruns Malta, 256 B.C. : NONIUS

  Melita   - in documents
Syll_622 (c. 185-175)   Timonax and his daughter Melita. [Therefore] you

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