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  Menecrates   of Syracuse - a doctor, 4th century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
Athen_7.289 I swear by Athena that Menecrates the Syracusan himself
Athen_7.290 carried a club. Menecrates then himself, though he was
Plut:Mor_191 the same time. & Menecrates the physician, surnamed Zeus

  Menecrates 2   of Elaea - a geographer, 4th century B.C.
313/16 Menecrates of Elaea, Zenon, and (possibly) Epicurus

  Menecrates 3   - a general of Seleucus I, early 3rd century B.C.
Polyaen_5.20.1 Frontinus, Str.3.3.7] [20] Menecrates. When Menecrates
Polyaen_8.57.1 In the meantime Menecrates, one of her opponents' gener

  Menecrates 4   - Athenian archon, 219 B.C.
219/_ Athenian archon: Menecrates
    Within translations:
Syll_542 (228/7-212/1)   euml; {219/8} archon: Menekrates of Oē basil

  Menecrates 5   - a contemporary of the philosopher Chrysippus, 3rd century B.C.
DiogLaert_7.198 ight books, addressed to Menecrates; a treatise, in two

  Menecrates 6   of Aenus - a friend of the poet Callimachus, 3rd century B.C.
Callim:Epigr_46 flee and save thyself, Menecrates!" said I on the 20th
Callim:Epigr_62 Hom:Od_21'295 ). Menecrates of Aenus - for thou, it seem

  Menecrates 7   - an admiral of Sextus Pompeius
38/11 Menecrates, the admiral of Sextus Pompeius, defeats Menas near Cumae.
Oros_6.18   a naval engagement against Menecrates, the Pompeian leader. 22
Plin:HN_35.200   Marcus Antonius, Menas and Menecrates freedmen of Sextus Pompeius,

  Menecrates 8   of Lissa - a benefactor of Lissa, 3rd century B.C.
277/2a OGIS_57, a decree of Lissa in Lycia, in honour of Menecrates.

  Menecrates   - in documents
AnthPal_12.38 the answer was, "Menecrates." [39] Anonymous & { H 32
Meleager_4.1 and the first flowers of Menecrates' pomegranate, branches
OGIS_771 (196/5)   ich Sosigenes], son of Menekrates, from Marathon,
SEG_45.1556 (175-150)   damos was priest, and Menekrates son of Thargelios,
SEG_56.638 (160-150)   on of Alexandros and Menekrates son of Eustratidas;
Syll_322 of Hermias Melas son of Menekrates Apollonios son of
Syll_331 (after 306)   es Aristotimos son of Menekrates Thedoros son of Pa
Syll_424 (256/5 or 254/3)   Moiragenes Director: Menekrates of Megara, the so
Syll_538 (204/3)   letairos of Melitaia, Menekrates of Lebadaia, Andro
Syll_548 (c. 213/2)   rophanes the son of Menekrates, when he arrived at
Syll_549 (c. 213/2)   Sardis, the son of Menekrates, both for himself and
Syll_597 (c. 205-200)   , [to Apollo]. [Menekrates] and Sopatros of Thebes
Syll_619 (after 188)   pted by Euphrastos Menekrates son of Menekrates
Syll_633 (c. 180)   genes son of Leodamas Menekrates son of Antiphanes
Syll_690 (c. 135)   tokleidas of Thebes ; Menekrates of Thebes, the son
THI_127 (c. 210)   x } : Euphorbos son of Menekrates aphedriteuōn
THI_138 (early 2nd cent.)   nothetes fine Menekrates of Ilion, the son of Diony
THI_149 (175-172)   son of Kallistratos, Menekrates son of Menekrates;
THI_61.D (173-169)   nysios second:   Menekrates of Sardis, the son
THI_74 (280-240)   ocharis son of Damon Menekrates son of Pyrrias Kr
THI_98 (250-200)   ndes son of Euestios Menekrates son of Moschion , &

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