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  Nicostratus   - son of Aristophanes; a writer of comedy, 4th century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
Apollod:Fr_75 whom Apollodorus calls Nicostratus, but Dicaearchus and
Athen_6.247 in his Orestes, Nicostratus in his Plutus, Menander in
Athen_13.587 mum, and Metaneira." And Nicostratus, a poet of the middle
Athen_14.615 ing on a pole. And Nicostratus also mentions him in his
Athen_14.654 alpha;) for you." And so Nicostratus, in his Delicate Woma
Athen_14.664 was over, is plainly stated by Nicostratus, in his Man exp
Athen_15.693 and trust him. And Nicostratus, in his Pandrosus, says-

  Nicostratus 2   - an actor, 4th century B.C.
Polyaen_6.10.1 and the actors Callipides and Nicostratus. The eminence

  Nicostratus 3   - an Argive general and politician, 4th century B.C.
Athen_6.252 Histories, speaking of Nicostratus the Argive, and sayin
Athen_7.289 who was so called was Nicostratus, an Argive, who had
Plut:Mor_192 tried to entice Nicostratus, the general of the Argives, to

  Nicostratus 4   - a doctor, 4th century B.C.
Athen_13.586 one time the mistress of Nicostratus the physician, and

  Nicostratus 5   - Athenian archon, 295 B.C.
295/_ Athenian archon: Nicostratus
    Within translations:
DionHal:Din_9 Mnesidemus Antiphates Nicias Nicostratus Olympiodorus
Philoch_167 nesidemus, Antiphates, Nicias, Nicostratus, Olympiodorus,

  Nicostratus 6   - an Aetolian politician, 3rd century B.C.
225/16 Nicostratus, an Aetolian, breaks the solemn truce at the Pamboeotian

  Nicostratus 7   - Achaean general, 198 B.C.
198/_ Achaean General: Nicostratus

  Nicostratus 8   of Larissa - Thessalian envoy, 2nd century B.C.
186/5 Nicostratus of Larissa is sent as Thessalian representative to the
183/7 ree of the Amphictyonic Council in honour of Nicostratus of Larissa.
    Within translations:
Syll_613 (184/3)   cratic cities: since Nikostratos of Larissa in Thes

  Nicostratus   - in documents
OGIS_106 (174-172)   eon son of Pythagoras Nikostratos son of Demetrios
OGIS_111 (152-145)   Chrysaorian, son of Nikostratos, the chief bodyg
SEG_33.1184 (196)   and Prasides son of Nikostratos was the priest of t
SEG_38.812 (c. 200)   on of Aristarchos and Nikostratos son of Nikostrato
Syll_340 (3rd cent.)   os of Netteia, son of Nikostratos Aleximachos of La
Syll_341 (303/2)   Abydos, the son of Nikostratos, on account of his
Syll_383 (c. 283 and 281)   ians awarded to Leon, Nikostratos and Alexandros of
Syll_389 (282)   mistonax of Paros, Nikostratos of Kassandreia &r
Syll_399 (278/7)   tas of Sikyon, son of Nikostratos Euboains : Anti
Syll_416 (273)   Aetolians: Philleas, Nikostratos, Korinthios Delph
Syll_501 (229/8)   Thessaly, the son of Nikostratos, shall have the s
Syll_546 (214/3)   n, the son of Petalos Nikostratos of Naupaktos, the
Syll_568 (c. 204/1)   he sent a message to Nikostratos son of Nikostra
Syll_599 (c. 196-192)   ras son of Polemakles Nikostratos son of Teisylos .
Syll_689 (c. 134)   rst six months were Nikostratos [son of Eudoros], X

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