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  Phasaelus   - son of Antipater, and brother of Herodes
Wikipedia entry
47/37 Antipater appoints his sons Phasaelus and Herodes to govern Jerusalem
    Within translations:
Joseph:AJ_14.121 whom he had four sons, Phasaelus, and Herodes, who was
Joseph:AJ_14.158 slothful temper, he made Phasaelus, his eldest son, govern
Joseph:AJ_14.161 Syria. [161] Now Phasaelus, Herodes's brother, was moved
Joseph:AJ_14.278 ons; and said that while Phasaelus had a garrison in Jerus
Joseph:AJ_14.282 ater's sons, Herodes and Phasaelus, were acquainted with
Joseph:AJ_14.283 the elder of his sons, Phasaelus, thought it best rather
Joseph:AJ_14.294 sudden attempt against Phasaelus, and the people themsel
Joseph:AJ_14.295 seized upon him, till Phasaelus by himself had been too
Joseph:AJ_14.302 came thither, to accuse Phasaelus and Herodes; and they
Joseph:AJ_14.326 made both Herodes and Phasaelus tetrarchs, and committe
Joseph:AJ_14.335 it. [335] But as Phasaelus's and Herodes's party came
Joseph:AJ_* 14.339-345 * his soldiers; [339] and Phasaelus had the charge of the
Joseph:AJ_* 14.348-350 * and bound Hyrcanus and Phasaelus, while Phasaelus greatl
Joseph:AJ_* 14.365-371 * received Hyrcanus and Phasaelus for his prisoners; but
Joseph:AJ_14.379 him in Judaea, and how Phasaelus his brother was seized
Joseph:BJ_01.181 sons born to him by her, Phasaelus and Herodes, who was
Joseph:BJ_01.203 stituted his eldest son, Phasaelus, governor of Jerusalem,
Joseph:BJ_01.206 his glorious actions excited Phasaelus also to imitate
Joseph:BJ_01.224 he thoroughly deluded Phasaelus, who was the guardian
Joseph:BJ_01.228 advice of his brother Phasaelus, not to punish him in
Joseph:BJ_01.236 wherein Felix assaulted Phasaelus with an army, that he
Joseph:BJ_01.237 [237] in the mean time, Phasaelus was by himself too hard
Joseph:BJ_01.242 came also, and accused Phasaelus and Herodes, that they
Joseph:BJ_* 01.251-255 * 251] but as Hyrcanus and Phasaelus received them with a
Joseph:BJ_* 01.259-261 * [259] Nor would Phasaelus think of forsaking Hyrcanus
Joseph:BJ_* 01.269-275 * gonus for king, but to deliver Phasaelus and Hyrcanus boun
Joseph:BJ_1.418 the name of his brother Phasaelus, whose structure, large

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