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  Sabbath   - the Jewish holy day
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42/6 Ephesians pass a decree, allowing the Jews to observe the Sabbath.
    Within translations:
Joseph:AJ_12.259 hich by the Jews is called the Sabbath. And when they had
Joseph:AJ_13.252 out to be the next day to the Sabbath. Nor is it lawful
Joseph:AJ_14.64 those days which we call Sabbaths they threw nothing at
Joseph:AJ_14.242 allowed to observe their Sabbaths, and other sacred rites,
Joseph:AJ_14.245 them to celebrate their Sabbaths, and to perform the Sacr
Joseph:AJ_14.258 do, may celebrate their Sabbaths, and perform their holy
Joseph:AJ_14.263 allowed to observe their Sabbaths, and to act in all thing

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