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  Samaria   - a city in northern Palestine, the capital of the kingdom of Israel
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  + Samaritan , Samaritans , Sebaste
320/8 Perdiccas builds a new city at Samaria.
296/8 Demetrius captures Samaria.
108/12 Hyrcanus begins to besiege Samaria.
107/7 Hyrcanus destroys Samaria.
    Within translations:
1Macc_3 entiles and a large force from Samaria to fight against
1Macc_10 stricts added to it from Samaria and Galilee, from this
1Macc_11 the three districts of Samaria from tribute, and promise
2Macc_15 were in the region of Samaria, he made plans to attack
Aristeas_107 istricts which belong to Samaria, as it is called, and whi
ChronPasc_436 handed over Syria, Phoenicia, Samaria and Judaea as her
ChronPasc_445 of the Jews, besieged Samaria, the city of the Samarita
ChronSynt_94 of Damascus, attacked Samaria with 36 other kings, but
Eupolemus_5 ariots, he first subdued Samaria, and Galilee, and Scythop
Hieron:Chron_1721 estroyed the city of the Samaritans, which Perdiccas had
Hieron:Chron_1827 and gave him Syria, Phoenicia, Samaria and Judaea as a dow
Hieron:Chron_1848 in the temple. In Samaria he built a temple of Zeus Xenio
Hieron:Chron_1898 the Jews besieged and captured Samaria, which is now calle
Hieron:Chron_2000 rodes completely rebuilt Samaria, which was lying in ashes
Joseph:AJ_12.7 aces about Jerusalem and Samaria, and the places near Moun
Joseph:AJ_12.133 into his possession, and Samaria with them, the Jews, of
Joseph:AJ_12.136 received Batanaea, and Samaria, and Abila, and Gadara;
Joseph:AJ_12.154 to him Coele Syria, and Samaria, and Judaea, and Phoenici
Joseph:AJ_12.168 sent to his friends at Samaria, and borrowed money of
Joseph:AJ_12.175 enicia, and Judaea, with Samaria, [as they were bidden for
Joseph:AJ_12.224 of Syria, and Phoenicia, and Samaria twenty-two years.
Joseph:AJ_12.287 nius, the general of the Samaritan forces, heard this, he
Joseph:AJ_13.50 that adjoin to Judaea, Samaria, and Galilee, and Peraea,
Joseph:AJ_13.125 the three toparchies of Samaria, and Peraea, and Galilee,
Joseph:AJ_13.127 added to Judaea out of Samaria, with their appurtenances
Joseph:AJ_* 13.275-280 * an expedition against Samaria which was a very strong
Joseph:AJ_13.396 ssa; near the country of Samaria, Mount Carmel, and Mount
Joseph:AJ_14.75 and Pella, and Dios, and Samaria, as also Marissa, and Azo
Joseph:AJ_14.88 which time were rebuilt Samaria, Azotus, Scythopolis, Ant
Joseph:AJ_14.284 rodes also went to Samaria; and when he found them in grea
Joseph:AJ_14.408 his who inhabited about Samaria to bring down corn, and
Joseph:AJ_14.411 him, Judaea, and Galilee, and Samaria. [412] And so much
Joseph:AJ_14.413 while he himself came to Samaria, and left his mother and
Joseph:AJ_14.431 his general, he went to Samaria, with six hundred horseme
Joseph:AJ_14.437 duct of his, and went to Samaria, and resolved to go to
Joseph:AJ_14.450 fortified the place Gittha [in Samaria]. [451] At this tim
Joseph:AJ_14.457 sent a commander against Samaria, whose name was Pappus,
Joseph:AJ_14.467 city, he himself went to Samaria, to complete his marriage
Joseph:AJ_14.468 also came himself from Samaria, and brought with him no
Joseph:BJ_01.64 also proceeded as far as Samaria, where is now the city
Joseph:BJ_01.65 returned back to Samaria, and shut the multitude again
Joseph:BJ_01.118 ust as the other cities, Sebaste and Agrippias, had their
Joseph:BJ_01.156 olis, as also Pella, and Samaria, and Marissa; and besides
Joseph:BJ_01.166 stored: Scythopolis, and Samaria, and Anthedon, and Apollo
Joseph:BJ_01.213 neral of Coele Syria and Samaria by Sextus Caesar, he was
Joseph:BJ_01.229 Herodes went to Samaria, which was then in a tumult,
Joseph:BJ_01.299 people that were about Samaria (which city had joined
Joseph:BJ_01.302 [or Idumaea,] and Galilee, and Samaria. Antigonus also by
Joseph:BJ_01.303 had been in Masada, to Samaria; and when he had settled
Joseph:BJ_01.314 general, and returned to Samaria; he led also with him thr
Joseph:BJ_01.333 ns, with an army against Samaria, [334] whose fortune it
Joseph:BJ_01.344 went himself to Samaria, to take the daughter of Alexan
Joseph:BJ_1.396 Gadara, and Hippos, and Samaria; and moreover, of the mar
Joseph:BJ_1.403 wall round a country in Samaria, twenty stades long, and
MegTaan_8 the 25th thereof the wall of Samaria was captured. &

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