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  Virtue   (Virtus) - a Roman divinity, the personification of virtue
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  + Virtus
208/9 ents Marcellus from dedicating a joint temple to Honour and Virtue
205/24 A temple vowed to Virtue by Marcellus is dedicated by his son.
129/12 Scipio dedicated a temple to Virtue.
99/9 Marius dedicates a temple to Honour and Virtue.
57/14 meets in Marius' temple of Virtue, and passes a decree instructing
    Within translations:
Athen_5.201 And the statue of Virtue, which stood by the side of that
Athen_5.211 crown, having a face of Virtue in the centre of it, as
CIL_6.41024 a temple to Honor and Virtus from the spoils of the

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