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  Xenarchus   - a writer of Middle Comedy, 4th century B.C.
Athen_10.440   without some wit that Xenarchus introduces, in his Pent
Athen_10.441   bear the vine. And Xenarchus, in his Pentathlon, says- &
Athen_11.473   that kantharos dry."   Xenarchus, in Priapus has these
Athen_13.559   out end. [559] And Xenarchus, in his Sleep, says- & Are
Athen_13.569   admiral as Cydias. Xenarchus also, in his Pentathlum, repr
Athen_15.679   There is the philyrinos also. Xenarchus, in his Soldier says -
Athen_15.693   Xenarchus too, in his Twins says-

  Xenarchus 2   - Achaean general, 174 B.C.
174/_ Achaean General: Xenarchus

  Xenarchus 3   of Seleuceia - Peripatetic philosopher, 1st century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
44/146 eographer Strabo is taught by Aristodemus, Tyrannion and Xenarchus

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