Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum: 57.1150


Greek text:   SEG_57.1150
Provenance:   Daldis , Lydia
Date:     165/4 B.C.
Tags:     inviolability ,   land_ownership ,   royal_letters
Format:   see key to translations

This inscription, which was first published in 2007, provides important new evidence of conditions in Asia Minor during the middle of the second century B.C. By this time, the Attalid kings were under increasing pressure; they had lost the support of the Romans, and in 168-166 B.C. an invasion by Galatians caused widespread devastation in their territories.

For the Greek text and a full commentary, see P.Thonemann, "Eumenes II and Apollonioucharax" (Gephyra, 2011).

[A] . . . Kournoubeudos . . . [made] demonstrations . . . during the war; [I intended] to move the Mysians who dwell in that place to Kastollos, since additional new [land] is plentifully available there; but [the representatives] of Apolloniou Charax met with me and said that they would be thankful . . . of the land, but since the Mysians who [dwell] in Kournoubeudos . . . and were accustomed to them, they wished . . . as they would determine by themselves . . . approving their reasonableness and moderation, I have agreed this as they requested, and I have instructed Lykinos the land-distributor to consider where we can apportion more land to them ; and since those who were devastated by the enemy last year are deserving of much care, I agree that they shall have, in addition to the five years' release from taxes that we have previously granted, another five years' release, as we have also agreed with the Mysians in Kadooi; and registration {for military service} shall be applied to one in three of them, for if there is any urgent need, I know that owing to their eagerness and goodwill they will give me more soldiers. Let them all be exempted from the tithe for a year, and in a similar way let those whose (?) income is registered be exempted. Since they are carrying out building work in the place, we have also agreed to provide stone-masons for them . . .

[B] . . . [they] should have privileges . . . [that (?) the punishment] of those who are reported to have deserted in the 32nd year should be removed, and that they should have the same privileges as the others; and that the shrine of Zeus Stratios should be inviolable up to a distance of ten stades, instead of the previously agreed seven stades. In order that Bakchios the priest may make a golden crown, we request that our registered debts, in money and corn, may be remitted until the third year, if no-one has already exacted them; and that care may be taken of the buildings that have been burnt and torn down in the suburbs, so that, since we are poor commoners, some money may be assigned for their repair; and that the village of Sibloē, which used to belong to us, and concerning which it has been written that it would be restored to us, if we repaid the price of 448 drachmas and 1½ obols to Meleagros who bought it, may be given to us without charge, so that revenues may be obtained from it for the sacrifices to Zeus Stratios and the sacrifices made on your behalf; and that we may retain the village as sacred and free from taxes; and that the money to pay for it may be given to Meleagros from the royal treasury; and that villages may be given to us to meet the shortfall in allotments and buildings; and since the buildings which were previously taken away from us have not been restored in the way that you agreed, we request that you may provide Thileudos and Plazeira as dwellings for hunters, and that Lykinos the land-distributor may move the people currently living there to whatever dwellings he decides.

-   for we have instructed him to look at this and provide what they request.

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