Select Papyri, 2.386


Greek text: POxy 144
Date:   A.D. 580.

... I have received from your magnificence through John your most estimable banker for the revenues of the third instalment of the thirteenth indiction one thousand four hundred and forty gold solidi in pure coin and seven hundred and twenty solidi in standard Egyptian coin on the Alexandrian scale, with forty-five solidi to make up their deficiency, total 2205 gold solidi, and this sum I am prepared to carry down to Alexandria, apart from act of God and dangers by river and molestations, and pay to John and Simeonius the most illustrious moneychangers and bring a receipt from the most illustrious agent Theodorus to the effect that the aforesaid gold has been paid in full. And for your security or that of the said most estimable banker I have drawn up the present acknowledgement of deposit written by my own hand this 26th day of Hathur, 14th indiction. In the sixth year of the reign of our most godlike and pious master Flavius Tiberius Constantinus the eternal Augustus and Imperator, which is the year after the consulship of his said majesty for the second time.

papyrus 387

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