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  Hathyr   - a month in the Egyptian calendar
  + Athyr , Hathur
OGIS_179 (95)   r, on the 7th day of Hathyr, when Aniketos was ste
PCairZen_59033 ailed list. Farewell. Year 28, Athyr 25. zzzzzFROM AMYNTAS
PCairZen_* 59154-59160 * Docketed} & Year 30, Dios 18, Athyr 18. Apollonios concer
SelPap_1.104 (1st Cent.)   own health. Goodbye. Year 1, Hathur 25. {Addressed
SelPap_1.125 thed nor anointed myself until Hathur 12. You have
SelPap_1.18 for one year more from Hathur 1 of the present 6th
SelPap_1.185 (Late 2nd cent.)   Hathur 17. For the fun
SelPap_1.48 ent 2nd indiction, up to Hathur 1 of the (D.V.) 3rd in
SelPap_1.6 (13)   ugh the same tribunal in Hathur of the current 17th
SelPap_1.64 follows: in the month Hathur of the current 258th=2
SelPap_1.85 rthicus Sarmaticus Germanicus, Hathur 21. If I leave
SelPap_1.87 Augustus and Imperator, Hathur 16, 3rd indiction, in
SelPap_2.263 most illustrious, November 13, Hathur 17. Horus and N
SelPap_2.276 (l14)   ng Sisois on the 4th of Hathur beside the temple of
SelPap_2.301 ius Severus Pertinax Augustus, Hathur. To his excell
SelPap_2.332 Polemius the most illustrious, Hathur 30. I, Aurelius
SelPap_2.335 (178 or 167)   4th year, Hathur 6. To Osoroeris,
SelPap_2.337 dus Antoninus Caesar the lord, Hathur 7. To Hierax, st
SelPap_2.374 Rufinus the most illustrious, Hathur 5. {Signed} I, A
SelPap_2.386 my own hand this 26th day of Hathur, 14th indiction
THI_258 (c. 264)   d day of the month of Hathyr, His Majesty went him

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