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  Achaea   - a region on the northern coast of the Peloponnese, Greece.
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  + Achaean , Achaeans
314/1 ates" Cyllene and Patrae and sacks Aegium during a raid into Achaea.
280/22 The founding of the Achaean League.
275/10 Aegium, Bura, and Caryneia join the Achaean league.
255/_ Achaean General: Margus
255/17 Margus is elected the first sole general of the Achaean League.
251/12 Aratus persuades the Sicyonians to join the Achaean League.
251/15 mbined army of Arcadians and Achaeans defeats the Spartans at Mantine
249/8 alliance between Alexander and the Achaean League.
245/10 Aratus is elected general of the Achaean League for the first time.
243/14 persuades Megara, Troezen, and Epidaurus to join the Achaean League.
242/6 Ptolemy III is proclaimed to be leader of the Achaean League.
240/7 Peace between the Aetolians and Achaeans.
240/41 The Achaeans fine Aratus for his attack on Aristippus.
238/7 The Aetolian and Achaean leagues form an alliance against Macedonia.
236/6c The Achaeans capture Heraea in Arcadia.
234/3 Lydiades brings Megalopolis into the Achaean League.
234/6 ydiades is elected general of the Achaean League for the first time.
234/9 decree about the admission of Orchomenus into the Achaean League.
232/3 diades is elected general of the Achaean League for the second time.
229/5 yrians capture Corcyra, after defeating an Achaean fleet near Paxos.
229/20 The Aeginetans and Arcadians join the Achaean League.
229/21 Aristomachus of Argos joins the Achaean League.
228/4 The Achaean League declares war on Sparta.
228/5 Aristomachus is elected general of the Achaean League.
228/13 Cleomenes confronts the Achaean army at Pallantium, but Aratus preven
227/12 Cleomenes defeats the Achaeans at Ladoceia, where Lydiades is killed.
227/15 The Achaeans blame Aratus for the death of Lydiades, and deny him acc
226/2a The council of the Achaean League decides against an alliance with
226/8 leomenes heavily defeats the Achaeans at the battle of Hecatombaeum.
225/1 The Achaeans negotiate with Cleomenes, and offer him the leadership
225/1 with Cleomenes, and offer him the leadership of the Achaean League.
225/2 breakdown of the negotiations between the Achaeans and Cleomenes.
225/5 Timoxenus is elected general of the Achaean League.
225/11 Argos deserts the Achaeans and join Cleomenes, along with Caphyae,
225/19 The Achaeans, led by Aratus, appeal to Antigonus for help against Cle
224/4 The Achaeans come to an agreement with Antigonus, after promising to
224/8 The Achaeans encourage Argos to revolt against Cleomenes, which force
224/9 Aristomachus of Argos is captured by the Achaeans and put to death.
224/16 attends the Council of the Achaean League at Aegium, and is appoint
223/14 Antigonus attends an Achaean assembly at Aegium.
222/1 The Achaeans refound Mantineia as "Antigoneia".
222/13 eral remarks about the war between Cleomenes and the Achaean League.
222/19 honours given to Antigonus in the Peloponnese annoy the Achaeans.
220/6 imoxenus, the general of the Achaean League, captures Clarium, a fort
220/10 The Achaean assembly declares war on the Aetolians.
220/11 Aratus becomes general of the Achaean League.
220/21 The Aetolians defeat Aratus and the Achaeans at Caphyae.
220/22 The Achaean assembly sends out ambassadors to seek aid from their all
219/11 The Spartans declare war on the Achaean League.
219/13 Aratus, the son of Aratus, becomes General of the Achaean League.
218/5 Philippus protects the Achaeans from maltreatment by Apelles.
218/16 the election of Eperatus of Pharae as general of the Achaean League.
218/19 pus and Aratus are reconciled at the assembly of the Achaean League.
217/3 neral Eperatus allows Pyrrhias to lead an Aetolian raid into Achaea.
217/3 The incompetence of the Achaean general Eperatus allows Pyrrhias
217/12 Aratus becomes general of the Achaean League.
216/12 Timoxenus is elected to be general of the Achaean League.
213/17 uccessful in building up the Achaean League but failed as a general.
209/7 Philopoemon reorganizes the Achaean cavalry.
208/3 is elected general of the Achaean League for the first time, and
207/5 rmus in Aetolia, and then attends the council of the Achaean League.
207/15 The Achaeans defeat and kill Machanidas of Sparta at Mantineia.
200/10a Syll_600, a monument erected at Mantineia by Achaean soldiers.
200/21 Cycliadas succeeds Philopoemon as general of the Achaean League.
198/14 The assembly of the Achaean League decides to abandon its alliance
197/18 The Achaeans defeats Philippus's general Androsthenes near Corinth.
192/1 Achaean embassy accuses Nabis of violating the peace terms.
192/3 Megara defects from the Boeotians and joins the Achaean League.
192/17 The Achaean League refuses to support Antiochus.
191/21 iophanes, the general of the Achaean League, to abandon the siege of
191/23 Aristaenus urges the Achaean League to follow the Romans' advice and
188/2 ries to stop war breaking out between the Achaean League and Sparta.
187/18 pidus writes a letter criticizing the Achaeans' treatment of Sparta.
187/19 Renewal of the treaty between the Achaean League and Egypt.
185/3 The Achaean assembly discusses relations with Eumenes and Ptolemy.
185/6 Q.Metellus meets the magistrates of the Achaean League at Argos.
185/13 Philippus and Eumenes, the Achaeans and Sparta, and exiles from Aen
184/8 Ap.Claudius forces the Achaean assembly to accept a settlement with
183/6 dispute between Philopoemon and the Achaean general Archon.
183/21 The magistrates of the Achaean League refuse to hold an assembly for
183/23 Pharnaces, and Philippus, and from Rhodes, Sparta and the Achaeans.
182/1 The Achaean League declares war on Messene.
182/13 Messene surrenders to the Achaeans.
182/14 Sparta rejoins the Achaean League.
182/20 ippus, and from the Spartans and Achaeans, appear before the senate.
181/2 The assembly of the Achaean League reacts cautiously to the decisions
180/_ Achaean General: Callicrates
180/4 lemaeus V gives a squadron of ships as a gift to the Achaean League.
180/8 character and policies of Aristaenus of Dyme, an Achaean statesman.
180/9 receives embassies from the Achaeans, led by Callicrates, and from
180/16 Callicrates is elected strategus of the Achaean League.
180/17 The assembly of the Achaean League decides to send an embassy to Rome
174/_ Achaean General: Xenarchus
174/10 Achaean League, but his offer is rejected by the Achaean assembly.
173/3 ssaly, and M.Marcellus addresses the assembly of the Achaean League.
172/_ Achaean General: Archon (III?)
170/_ Achaean General: Archon (IV?)
170/34 The Achaean league restores the honours given to Eumenes.
169/7 The assembly of the Achaean League votes to send an army to fight aga
169/22 Miletus, Clazomenae, and the Achaeans, in order to justify his invasi
168/6 embassy from Egypt asks the Achaean assembly for support against Ant
167/16 Over a thousand of the leading Achaeans are deported to Rome.
167/28 The Achaean detainees are distributed amongst the Etruscan cities;
165/5a Popular resentment in Achaea against the policies of Callicrates.
164/1 rom Prusias, Rhodes, and the Achaeans appear before the Roman senate;
163/11 Lacedaemonians and Argives, and between the Achaeans and Aetolians.
159/3 embassy from Achaea fails to win the release of the exiles.
155/2 The senate votes against releasing the Achaean exiles.
155/6 The Achaeans send another embassy, led by Telecles and Anaxidamus,
153/2 The senate decides not to release the Achaean detainees.
153/14 unsuccessful appeal to the Achaean assembly for help against the
151/_ Achaean General: Menalcidas
150/_ Achaean General: Diaeus
150/10 The Achaean general Menalcidas receives a bribe from the people of
150/12 senate votes to allow the Achaean exiles to return home, after a
149/_ Achaean General: Damocritus
149/2 isputed territory, but they are told to accept Achaean jurisdiction.
149/20 The Achaean League seeks to impose its authority in Sparta by threate
149/39 Callicrates is sent by the Achaean League to oppose the Spartan envoy
148/_ Achaean General: Diaeus (II?)
148/1 The Achaeans send Diaeus as envoy to Rome.
148/13 The Spartans secede from the Achaean League.
148/19 Achaean army, led by Damocritus, attacks Sparta.
148/28 The Achaeans fine Damocritus for his failure in the war against Spart
147/_ Achaean General: Critolaus
147/5 the Spartan leader, is defeated by the Achaeans and commits suicide.
147/11 by L.Orestes, address the Achaeans at Corinth, and are allegedly
147/15 Aurelius Orestes reports back on his embassy to Achaea.
147/19 Sex.Caesar leads another Roman embassy to Achaea.
146/1 Cancellation of debts in the Achaean League.
146/5 urges the assembly of the Achaean League towards war with Sparta
146/13 The Romans declare war on the Achaean League.
146/15 The Achaeans besiege Heracleia.
146/16 Metellus defeats the Achaeans at Scarpheia; Critolaus is killed.
146/20 Diaeus frees slaves and raises another Achaean army.
146/22 The Achaeans reject Metellus' terms for peace.
146/27 Mummius defeats the Achaeans at the Isthmus.
146/31 General comments on the Achaean War, in which the incompetence of the
146/32 ausing "Corinthian bronze" to be formed: the end of the Achaean War.
144/2 Polybius goes as Achaean envoy to Rome.
139/14 The restoration of the Achaean and other leagues.
121/3 The Achaean League sends troops to join Domitius' army in Gaul.
88/56 Achaea, Laconia, Boeotia, and other Greek states side with Mithridate
71/38 inscription in honour of P.Rutilius Nudus, from Aigium in Achaea.
67/33 pirates at Pompeiopolis (Soli), Mallus, Adana, and Dyme in Achaea.

  Achaea 2   - the Roman province of Greece
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  + Achaia
146/35 The Romans send out ten envoys to organise Achaea into province.
145/5 The Roman commissioners leave Achaea.
84/33 C.Antonius uses cavalry troops to plunder the province of Achaea.
76/3 extortion in the province of Achaea, but escapes punishment by appeal
70/4 Dasianus) to collect evidence against a former governor of Achaea.
    Within translations:
Aelian:NA_5.29   In Aegium, ** a city of Achaia, a good-looking boy, an
Cic:Att_15.11   ; and he said he would go to Achaea. & "What of you, Bru
Cic:Fam_15.15   sed by Asia, yes, and by Achaea too, with you yourself,
CIL_1.626   auspices and his command Achaia was taken, and Corinth
Festus:Brev_3   mastered; it passed to Achaea; Macedonians were subjugat
Festus:Brev_7   in our protection, we came to Achaea. The Athenians sough
Festus:Brev_8   es: Macedonia, Thessaly, Achaea, two Epiruses, Praevalis,
NicDam_130.135   the Adriatic. Brutus went to Achaea, Cassius to Syria.
Oros_3.16   and made other cities of Achaia and Thessaly pay tribute to
Oros_4.2   Argos, a flourishing city of Achaia, he was struck by a
Oros_6.2   was sent in advance into Achaia with one hundred and twenty
Oros_7.9   the tumults of war. Achaia, Lycia, Rhodes, Byzantium, Samos,
Plinius:Ep_8.20   they had been located in Achaia, Egypt, Asia, or any other
Plinius:Ep_8.24   sent to the province of Achaia, which is the real and gen
ValMax_1.8.10   (for he was governor of Achaia) he caused the priestess of
ValMax_4.3.2   abstinence, so did Epirus, Achaia, the Cyclades islands, the

Achaeasee Phthiotis

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