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  Agesilaus   I - king of Sparta in the late 9th century B.C.
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Apollod:Fr_63 Ionian migration, while Agesilaus son of Doryssaeus was
Euseb]:Chron_223 years. They were followed by Agesilaus, who reigned for
Euseb]:Chron_225 Dorystus - for 29 years [p225] Agesilaus - for 44 years.

  Agesilaus 2   II - king of Sparta 399-360 B.C.
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Plutarch,- PLUTARCH, Agesilaus
    Within translations:
Athen_12.511   anyone call the life of Agesilaus the king of the Lacedaemonians
Athen_12.550   asion Lysander said that Agesilaus also, when he was in
Athen_13.609   sister Chryse also, when Agesilaus the king, having raised
Athen_14.613   Ages_5.1 ] represents Agesilaus as insisting that a man
Athen_14.616   king of Egypt ridiculed Agesilaus king of Lacedaemon, whe
Athen_14.657   the (?) Thasians sent to Agesilaus, when he arrived, all
Athen_15.676   he says, "That when Agesilaus the Lacedaemonian arrived in
Cic:DeOr_2.341   which Themistocles, Aristides, Agesilaus, Epaminondas, Philip, Alexander,
Cic:DeOr_3.139   those which Xenophon taught Agesilaus, or Archytas of Tarentum
Just_6.2-7 *   the auxiliaries desired Agesilaus, then king of the Laced
Nepos_9.2   concluded with Artaxerxes, but sent Agesilaus to Asia to make war,
Nepos_12.1   though the consummate leader Agesilaus felt sure of victory,
Nepos_12.2   Egyptians, from whom their king Agesilaus was making large sums of
Nepos_13.1   Cyzicus from a blockade. With Agesilaus he went to the aid
Nepos_17.1   [1]   Agesilaus the Lacedaemonian was praised, not
Nepos_17.2   [2]   As soon as Agesilaus was in possession of the
Nepos_21.1   not very numerous. Now Agesilaus, the Lacedaemonian, had the
Oros_3.1   hearing of the return of Agesilaus, turned back to lay waste
Plut:Agis_3   sixth in descent from Agesilaus, who was distinguished
Plut:Agis_4   fore him since the great Agesilaus, in goodness of disposi
Plut:Mor_189-191 *   many years after, when Agesilaus was wounded, Antalcidas
Plut:Phoc_3   one kind in Numa, and in Agesilaus of another; but the
Polyaen_1.48.3   Diodorus, 13.77] & When Agesilaus was ravaging Asia, Cono
Polyaen_2.1.1   hours for other studies. [1] & Agesilaus. Agesilaus marche
Polyaen_2.1.10-19 *   Hell_4.3'20] 10 & When Agesilaus invaded Acarnania, the
Polyaen_2.1.2   of no service to them, Agesilaus ordered the entire phal
Polyaen_2.1.20-29 *   the point of yielding, Agesilaus ordered a retreat throu
Polyaen_2.1.3   .32'4] & Not long after Agesilaus brought his army to Cor
Polyaen_2.1.30-33 *   ountry. 30 & While Agesilaus was bringing back a great qua
Polyaen_2.1.4-9 *   Plutarch, Ages_17] & Agesilaus always told his troops
Polyaen_2.3.10   were absent. But Agesilaus, who had been informed of thi
ValMax_7.2e.15   prudent than this act of Agesilaus. For when he discovered a

  Agesilaus 3   - uncle of Agis IV, king of Sparta
Wikipedia entry
Plut:Agis_* 6-9 * son of Epiphanes, and Agesilaus, not only accepted his
Plut:Agis_12 in their place. Agesilaus was one of these new magistra
Plut:Agis_13 vile disease of avarice, in Agesilaus. He was possesse

  Agesilaus   - in documents
Syll_654 (c. 149-144)   okos son of Praxias], Agesilaos [son of Tarantinos

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