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  Apicius   - a glutton and epicure, who lived in the early first century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
Athen_4.168 there was a man named Apicius who went beyond all other
Athen_12.543 Rutilius tells us; for as to Apicius, we have already
Poseidon_27 & The extravagant luxury of Apicius. ABOUT THE OCEAN

  Apicius 2   (M. Gavius Apicius) - a glutton and epicure, who lived in the reign of Tiberius
Wikipedia entry
  + Apician
Aelian:Fr_110   a_A'3213 , & A'4184 & & Marcus Apicius and his friends.
Aelian:Fr_111   & & The generosity of Marcus Apicius. [112] & {115 DF}
Athen_1.7   there lived a man named Apicius, very rich and luxurious;
Plin:HN_8.209   geese, a discovery of Marcus Apicius - they are stuffed with

  Apicius 3   - a glutton and epicure, who lived in the time of the emperor Trajanus
Wikipedia entry
Athen_1.7 journey from the sea, Apicius sent him fresh oysters,

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