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  Archestratus   - a political opponent of Phocion, late 4th century B.C.
DionHal:Din_12 left." 56. Against Archestratus, in an action for desertin
Plut:Phoc_33 In the meantime, Archestratus proposed a decree, and Hag

  Archestratus 2   of Gela - author of a poem on the Art of Cookery
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Athen_03.101 now. At all events Archestratus, the inventor of made dish
Athen_04.162 ******[54.] [162] But Archestratus of Gela, in his trea
Athen_04.163 le. [56.] However, Archestratus, as I was saying before
Athen_08.337 erpsion was the tutor of Archestratus, who was also the

  Archestratus 3   - a very thin soothsayer
Athen_12.552 and Things, says that Archestratus the soothsayer, bein

  Archestratus 4   - son of Nicon; a Macedonian friend of Demetrius I
301/6a decree of Ephesus in honour of Archestratus, a friend of Demetrius.

  Archestratus   - in documents
THI_103 (c. 190)   mely: Aischrion and Archestratos of Physkos 50 Krat
THI_39 (235/4)   , the son of Epigenes Archestratos of Erchia, the
Syll_408 (250/49)   on of Kephale, son of Archestratos, acting as secre
Syll_669 (166-147)   rrheion, the son of Archestratos Aleximachos of

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