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  Crocodilopolis   - city in the Arsinoite nome, Egypt
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  + Arsinoe , Ptolemais
226/5 PGurob_2, a judgement by a court of ten judges at Crocodilopolis.
177/7 PMich_3197, an account of the rent for a house at Crocodilopolis.
173/4a Pap_1.1A, a marriage contract of Greek residents in Crocodilopolis.
143/1a the decision of a court at Crocodilopolis in a case between Asclapon
107/8 ntract for the sale, by Taous and others, of land at Crocodilopolis.
    Within translations:
Aelian:NA_6.7   it is called, where is Crocodilopolis, the tomb of a cro
Aelian:NA_10.24   of Ombos or Coptos or Arsinoē it is not easy even
AET_7.19   cultivator of City-of-Sobek Arsinoē, Teos], son of
OGIS_726   (245-221)   ildren, the Jews in Krokodilopolis dedicated this p
PCairZen_59223   thon the royal banker in Krokodilopolis and to Philiskos
PCairZen_59245   I was setting out for Krokodilopolis to ask Maimachos
SelPap_1.1A   (173) seventeenth day Mesore, at Crocodilopolis in the Arsinoite nome
SelPap_1.45   Sebastus or Thoth, at Ptolemais Euergetis in the Ar
SelPap_1.74   Apellaeus or Phaophi, at Ptolemais Euergetis in the Ar
SelPap_1.269A   (218) Isle, now residing in Crocodilopolis in the Arsinoite nome
SelPap_2.266   (mid 3rd cent.)   just as has been done in Crocodilopolis, for paying
SelPap_2.325   ex-chief priest of the city of Arsinoe. Wherefore I pr
SelPap_2.340   senate of the Arsinoite Ptolemais to their dearest Au
SelPap_2.428   intercept on its way to Arsinoe or other places, whe
SelPap_3.109   in the fertile plains of Arsinoe immovable, shaking from its neck

  Crocodilopolis   - a town in Upper Egypt
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