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  Dardani   - a tribe living north of Macedonia, and west of Thrace
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  + Dardania , Dardanian , Dardanians
279/2 onia; Ptolemy Ceraunus rejects an offer of help from the Dardani.
230/4 The Dardani invade Macedonia and defeat Demetrius.
210/13 temple of Athena at Lindus, after defeating the Dardani and Maedi.
209/11 urn to Macedonia after receiving news of an invasion by the Dardani.
177/11 ies from Rhodes, Thessaly, and the Dardani appear before the senate.
175/3 invade the territory of the Dardani, but suffer heavy losses while
170/27 Perseus attacks the Dardani, and captures (?) Chalestrum.
97/2 The Romans subdue the Maedi and Dardani.
85/7 punitive expedition against the Dardani and other Thracian tribes.
73/16 Curio defeats the Dardani.
61/18 Macedonia, fights unsuccessfully against the Dardani and Thracians.
    Within translations:
AntipSid_6.115   lt, the destroyer of the Dardanians, has slain, piercing
Athen_6.272   Europe, says that the Dardanians had great numbers of
Athen_8.333   says- "In Paeonia and Dardania it has, they say, before
Festus:Brev_3   were subjugated; with Dardanians, Moesians, and Thracia
Festus:Brev_7   roconsul, subjugated the Dardanians and Moesiacians and
Festus:Brev_8   in the regions of Moesia and Dardania. Illyricus has
GranLic_27   ortensius routed the Maedi and Dardani, who were harassing
GranLic_28   received the surrender of the Dardani and Denselatae. &#
Just_8.6   acedonia, he reduced the Dardanians and others of his neig
Just_11.1   Illyrians, Thracians, Dardanians, and other barbarous
Just_24.4   embassy from the Dardanians, offering him twenty thousan
Just_28.3   how he had put down the Dardanians and Thessalians, when
Just_29.1   to Philippus, the Dardanians, and all the neighbouring
Just_29.4   ns. Meanwhile the Dardanians began to ravage the country
Just_30.4   ere not long ago a prey to the Dardanians. 13 That they
Obseq_48   maidens. The Celtiberians, Maedi and Dardani were defeated.
Obseq_61a   he was defeated by the Dardani and, after losing his army,
Oros_5.23   war, turned his arms against Dardania and captured it. 21 The
Plin:HN_3.149   Moesia contains the Dardani, Celegeri, Triballi, Timachi,
Plin:HN_4.3   the savage tribe of the Dardani. On the left side of
Plin:HN_4.33   to the inroads of the Dardani, but its northern part is
Plin:HN_4.35   on this frontier are the Dardani, Treres and Pieres, and after
Plin:HN_33.39   the fashion came from the Dardani - the Celtic name for
Polyaen_4.12.3   caped to the land of the Dardani; and Lysimachus was left
Sall:Hist_2.60   Gaius Cotta set off into Dardania with all his army, so

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