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  Esquiline   - a hill and district in the city of Rome
Wikipedia entry
88/31 ats Marius and his supporters inside Rome, near the Esquiline Forum.
    Within translations:
CIL_1.416 ius made this at Cales, in the Esquiline quarter. A s
CIL_1.431 Umbrian origin. Found on the Esquiline. Gaius Pacon
CIL_1.462 Text On a chalk lid of a well? Esquiline. I, Gaius Ant
CIL_1.478 (ii) Small pitcher, Esquiline necropolis. R
CIL_1.480 IL_1 .480 (iv) Pot. Esquiline necropolis. U
CIL_* 1.498-501 * L_1 .498 (vi) Lamp. Esquiline necropolis.
CIL_1.504 IL_1 .504 (x) Lamp. Esquiline. Statia, our
CIL_1.518 L_1 .518 (xi) Lamp. Esquiline necropolis. P
CIL_1.591 ction of a burial-place on the Esquiline. On a pillar
CIL_1.699 jar. CIL_1 .699 (i) Esquiline, 102 B.C. Falerni
CIL_1.700 Text (ii) Between Viminal and Esquiline, 102 B.C. Fal
CIL_1.839 One of two stones found on the Esquiline at Rome. Tim
CIL_add.8 (1st cent. A.D.)   Juno Lucina on the Esquiline, because on that
Joseph:AJ_14.238 son of Sextus, of the Esquiline tribe, [239] Caius Pomp
Plinius:Ep_3.21 her seek my house on the Esquiline and approach it with

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